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Fox And Van Susteren Still Pimping For The Arizona Border Fence Fund

Reported by Ellen - August 26, 2011 -

You may recall that last month, Greta Van Susteren did her part to promote some Arizona legislators’ online fundraiser for a border fence. Thursday night (8/25/11), Van Susteren did a follow up to check on how things were going. It just so happened that that segment was one of the three chosen from the show that FoxNews.com posted on its website. In case you didn’t get the hint, Fox titled the clip, Arizona Accepting Donations For A Border Fence.

“So, how many donations so far? How much money raised and how many states are the donations from?” Van Susteren asked at the beginning of the segment.

As she spoke, B-roll footage showed the website.

Her guest, Arizona State Senator Steve Smith - a Republican, of course - gave an upbeat report about donations from “all 50 states” on the first day the site went up.

Smith’s image was dwarfed on the screen by the footage of the website, about three times larger than Smith.

Van Susteren did a little more pimping. She found it “fascinating” that the site had received donations from the military. She was also impressed that “people from all over the country have an interest in this topic.”

“How much do you need?” Van Susteren asked.

Ruh Roh! Smith answered that “several million dollars” is needed. As he spoke, a banner on the screen read that the site “has raised over $123,000.”

But Van Susteren said – and Smith did not disagree – that her research indicated $50 million is needed.

Smith clearly was hoping to rustle up some corporate sponsors. He raved about a donation of fencing from a fence company. “When you have great companies like (he named the fence company), who is going to help us – I don’t even want to say significantly, it’s too much of an understatement. They’re going to help us extraordinarily. Those numbers - don’t get blinded by those numbers that you hear in the press. Yeah, we’re gonna be able to spread those dollars and stretch those dollars a lot.”

Van Susteren said, “We’ll be watching and we’ll check back in to see how your project’s going.”

Regardless of the fence donation, something tells me that we’ll be watching and “checking back in” on this project for many, many months to come.

Of course, there was also time at the end for Smith to mention the actual URL for the website – as Van Susteren smiled.

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