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Martha MacCallum & Fr. Jonathan Morris Whine About Clergy Exclusion At 9-11 Celebration

Reported by Priscilla - August 25, 2011 -

As the go to network for the church of the perpetually enraged Christian, it wasn't a surprise to see that Fox "News" covered the most recent "outrage" about NY Mayor Bloomberg not including any clergy in the official 9-11 anniversary celebration - an outrage prominently featured on Fox Nation. And who better than to channel right wing Christian outrage than Fox's resident clergyman (you'll never see a clergywoman on Fox), Father Jonathan Morris who despite his standing as a diocesan Catholic priest is now going ecumenical as he pimps for any Christian "outrage" that Fox News has identified as such. Today, on "America's Newsroom," Father Morris, tanned, toned, and twinkiling after this three day Nantucket golf vacation with some of his priest pals from Rome (vow of poverty?), provided the requisite outrage, albeit in a soft pastoral manner, for the Fox flock.

As somber music played in the background of the graphic "9-11 Remembered," Martha MacCallum introduced the "new controversy" about which "some critics are shocked" because "faith and prayer helped so many people." Morris (whose boyish good looks and awesome jazz hands must have made him a singular sensation when he was posted at the Vatican) said that this "isn't a grand conspiracy by secularists to get rid of religion" but "it's a mistake in leadership." He recommended that representatives of 10 faiths be represented. MacCallum, one of Roger Ailes' large stable of Roman Catholics who was just so outraged about those atheists and the "Ground Zero Cross," referenced a "huge spiritual feeling" that was generated by the events of 9-11 and that she knows so many people "who couldn't gotten through it without the help of the religious person in their lives." Morris said it was an attack by "pseudo religious people" and this is a "great opportunity to rectify that with real religion representing peace, unity and the families and the victims." He claimed that religious leaders are "uniquely tied in" to the victims. Just in case you didn't get the message, the chyron running through the entire piece was "Controversy Over Exclusion of Clergy at 9-11 Memorial in NY City."

"News" woman MacCallum said that "you'd think that a blessing of a handful of religious leaders" (which ones, Martha?) "would just feel so appropriate." Morris said "including Muslims." (Oh, right, that'll go over big on Fox Nation.) She referenced the priest who was the fire department chaplain who was one of the victims. Morris said that not including religion doesn't make the event more dignified. He breathlessly and theatrically intoned that "it makes it less than what is was in the moment." (Hey, father, if you ever leave your day job at Fox, there's always Broadway!) News woman MacCallum said that she hopes Bloomberg will reconsider. Morris said that Bloomberg has been gracious to religious leaders in the past but that this is a mistake in leadership.

Comment: If this is a "news" piece, wouldn't ya think that somebody from the mayor's office could participate. Nah, why cut the propaganda buzz? Go in peace. Thanks be to Fox News.

Addendum: According to the Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal clergy have never been included in past ceremonies. Cute little Father Morris has been in NY City for some time. Shouldn't he have know that?


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