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In Fox Nation Photo, Obama Is Not "22"

Reported by Priscilla - August 25, 2011 -

Rick Perry is the perfect candidate for Fox Nation - a place where the residents, like Rick Perry, don't believe in science, hate homosexuals, abortion, and love Jesus. Recently, Perry claimed that if he is elected, the military will finally have a president that they can be proud of - the inference being that members of the military don't respect Obama. I started thinking that at some point, the rabid, right wing will be using Perry's military service to show that he's more of a real "Merkun" than Obama. Sure enough David Limbaugh, GOP Boss Rush Limbaugh's brother, has tweeted a photo which juxtaposes the Air Force flyboy Rick Perry, in uniform, next to a youthful looking Obama wearing a hat and smoking a cigarette. The photo appears on Fox Nation with the headline: "Perry and Obama at Age 22." The Fox Nation thread links to an article on Politico and a link to Limbaugh's "Boys Will Be Boys" Twitter photo which uses the middle names for both men. The problem is that Obama was 18 and a freshman at Occidental College when this photo, part of a group of pics featured in Time Magazine, was taken. Politico notes the correct Obama's correct age at the time of the photo. Fox Nation is advancing a lie - but what else is new!

If you want to contact Fox Nation to tell them about their incorrect headline, their e-mail is:


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