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For Second Week In A Row On Hannity, Malkin Launches A Racial Attack

Reported by Ellen - August 25, 2011 -

One week after using the flash mobs as a vehicle to attack African Americans, Michelle Malkin was back on Hannity, this time using what FoxNews.com called the “liberals’ assault” on the Tea Party to attack African Americans again. This time, Malkin accused the Congressional Black Caucus of "joining hands" with immigrant activisits in order to "amnestize them and turn them into Democratic voters."

With her customary contempt, Malkin sneered about Rep. Maxine Waters’ “demagoguery” and “vitriol” before accusing her of “trying to get the gander up of the black community to distract from her own ethical problems.”

Only on Fox News would someone like Malkin – who last week complained that it might be too late to counteract “festering aggrievement in the inner cities” – be consulted for “insights” into minority communities. But this is just the kind of racial perspective Hannity has implicitly endorsed – without exposing his own neck.

With faux sympathy, Malkin accused Waters of "pandering to a lot of unemployed, dissatisfied people." As if the constant fear mongering and hate mongering on Fox does not.

But then Malkin trotted out an explicitly racial attack, by accusing Waters of "joining hands with people who would rather see black Americans dependent and collecting food stamps and more unemployment benefits. I mean, that’s the ‘jobs program’ of the Congressional Black Caucus and that will be unveiled after Labor Day by President Obama and then also of joining hands with the open borders alliance… These are people who …want to recruit more illegal aliens so they can amnestize them and turn them into Democratic voters.”

Another fascinating insight into black America, care of Michelle Malkin!

After that, the discussion moved on for Hannity to whine again about how conservatives would never be able to get away with calling President Obama “unpatriotic.” If you’re not already doubled over with laughter at such a lie, check out my post citing just some of Hannity’s hilarious hypocrisy on the subject here.

Naturally, Malkin – who scorned the “aggrievement” of minorities the last time she was on Hannity – checked right into the GOP: Special Victims Unit along with the poor, persecuted host.

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