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Steve Doocy & Alveda King Attack Maxine Waters Over Tea Party Comment

Reported by Priscilla - August 24, 2011 -

If the type of racist comments, on the Fox Nation thread about the new MLK Memorial in Washington, DC, is an indication of the greater nation of Fox viewers, it is a racist country. If the "scary black man" meme of Fox TV is an indication of where Fox "News" stands on race issues, it suggests that race baiting is no problem for Roger Ailes' fiefdom. But occasionally, Fox News does have to show a modicum of sensitivity for African-Americans. So in homage to Dr. King, this morning's Fox & Friends hosted a member of the King family to not talk about King's legacy, in conjunction with the dedication of the MLK monument, but to push right wing propaganda. No, it wasn't any of King's children. It was, rather, "Dr" Alveda King, MLK's niece who "has been cut off from the King family because she has made a career out of trading on the King name while peddling views that are diametrically opposed to those held by Martin Luther King Jr." But as these extremist anti-choice and homophobic views are those held by the Christian right and its mouthpiece, it comes as no surpise that Fox would provide a platform for this woman whose right wing creds were burnished by her frequent appearances on Fox's Glenn Beck show during which she compared teabaggers to civil rights marchers. And she even spoke at Beck's DC rally at which he tried to reclaim MLK's "dream." So it's all good....

Roger Ailes "lackey," Steve Doocy played part of the "I have a dream speech" and reported that it is engraved on the MLK monument. He introduced Alveda King whom he identified as MLK's niece and African America Outreach Director for Priests for Life. (A rabidly anti-choice group of Catholic priests whose leader, Fr. Frank Pavone,is a Fox fave). Ms. King said that she will be present at the dedication of the memorial. She provided some unintentional irony when she said that her uncle wanted us all to live together as brothers and sisters - a sentiment not shared by Fox News which, at another point in the show, provided an affirming platform for a woman who claims that evil libruls are infiltrating the school systems. (MLK was a liberal, BTW). And in the spirit of that divisiveness, Doocy played a clip of US Rep. Maxine Waters, of the Congressional Black Caucus, telling the tea party to go "straight to hell." (Fox Nation comments about Maxine Waters have been very vile and very racist). Doocy smirked as he asked King about the comment. King said that if Waters was doing her job properly, nobody would have to listen to the Tea Party. Steve smiled as he asked "are you saying that she's not doing her job." On cue, she repeated the obvious Fox management directed theme of the piece: "I know she's not doing her job." She said that she and others in the pro-life movement want Waters to "tell the truth about life and the decimnation of life in America" a reference to how abortion is supposedly a "genocide" of African Americans.

While the chyron read "Waters Harsh Words, Rep. Tells Tea Party Where They Can Go." Doocy gave credence to Jon Stewart's words about the genius of Fox News being conservative victimization with "it seems like the Tea Party is a punching bag for the left in America and also for the mainstream media." He said that if she inserted other groups names for tea party, "she's be in hot water." King said that Waters is afraid of the Tea Party. King reinforced the scripted talking points with her exhoration to Waters to "do her job and tell the truth about issues impacting all our communities, including the African American community but no limited to, we'd be a little happier with what she's doing. The chryon had the closing propaganda message: "Heated Town Hall, Democrats Attack Tea Party at Jobs Forum."

Comment: Fox News has stooped to yet another all time low. Instead of discussing MLK's legacy, especially with regards to his dream being denied to large segments of the African American community, Steve Doocy uses the compliant radical right wing partisan, Alveda King, to attack another African American woman who, if judged by her constitutuents, is doing her job. But what was really disengenuous about this brilliant propaganda tour de force was that neither King nor Doocy addressed the substance of Waters' remarks which were about her disappointment in President Obama for neglecting the African American community which has a higher unemployment rate than whites - an inconvenient truth that Alveda King who, while praising her uncle's hope that people could live together, didn't mention. In fact, in order to not appear to be overly concerned about blacks, she alluded to issues impacting "all" communities. King also didn't mention that the African American Tea Party GOP Rep Alan West's brother was looking for a job at the job fair at which Waters was speaking.

Wonder what the liberal MLK, Jr. would think of his niece being used by the network of, by, and for the entrenched rich white conservative oligarchy to attack an African American woman who has the courage to speak out against a movement that wants to "take America back" to the days when there was no dream. Hmmm....


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