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On Fox & Friends: Left Wages "All Out" Culture War On Your Child's Mind!

Reported by Priscilla - August 24, 2011 -

Fox & Friends is, as spoofed on Saturday Night Live, the place for "coffee, smiles, fear, and terror." As such, the gang on the curvy couch wants its audience to be afraid, be very afraid of how libruls are, by constantly attacking the pillars of American faith and freedom, trying to destroy America. This morning's Fox & Friends featured an author who warns parents against these hated libruls who are out to corrupt America's clean, conservative, Christian kids as part of the ongoing culture war - a war which, thanks to Fox & Friends, will never be over.

Brain (whoops Brian) Kilmeade began with a requisite right wing "battle" reference which fitted nicely with the basic Fox propaganda tropes of us vs. them, black, vs. white, Christians vs. atheists, etc. - metaphors which "America's Newsroom" uses to further divide a divided America: "It's a battle between capitalism and socialism and so far it's an all out culture war over your child's mind." After asked "who is indeed winning," he introduced his guest Mary Beth Hicks, the author of "Don't Let Your Kids Drink the Kool-Aid, Confronting the Left's Assault on Families, Faith, and Freedom." What followed was a fascinating journey into the paranoia of the Christian right.

Mary Beth, who began her career in the Reagan White House, channeled some Joe McCarthy: "The left has been infiltrating the schools since the 1930's." She added that those in charge of teacher training and curriculum have been "leftists for a very long time." Kilmeade wanted to know how history can be taught "without hailing capitalism." (So teachers should be promoting a right wing/Fox agenda?) He cited Hick's "survey" in which 33% of kids "favor" socialism. (Looks like the infiltrating isn't working!) The chyron continued the bellicosity: "Confronting the Left, Hicks: Don't Let the Kids Drink the Kool Aid." Hicks claimed that many classrooms uses Howard Zinn's (evil librul) history book (Great book, BTW) and that a "strong leftist message" is "changing our history." Brain got in the perfunctory Fox union bashing when he asked if the leftist presence in teaching is because of unions. More John Birching from Hicks in a comment about the leftist presence is "universal" in media and culture that affects kids and that "family values" parents are stuck "with confronting that." More paranoia with commentary about how "the left is even following our kids home with the media with all the messages they hear." (ROFLMAO, they hear commercials which are a sacred part of - wait for it - the free market!) The chyron reinforced the fear: "The Left's Impact on Education, Do You Know What Your Kids are Thinking?"

Brain worked in the requisite Fox anti-environmentalism: "You feel as though a green curriculum is being jammed down our children's throats." Hicks pushed her paranoia: "Science is all about the eco-radical agenda." (Aww, science isn't following the Koch brothers playbook.) She mentioned that her daughter was forced to watch a radical documentary about the "human footprint." More chyron fear: "Author's Warning, We'll Wake Up in a Nation We Don't Recognize." Kilmeade asked if the only solution is to home school or private school." She said that parents should be very engaged with their kids so that we can give them the values that we instill. (Like intolerance and ignorance. Yay!) Kilmeade added "at least to give them the opportunity to see both sides." (Right creationism and evolution are "both sides!)

Comment: Never mind creeping Sharia, be scared of leftists who are everywhere. "Paranoia strikes deep, into your heart it will creep..." "Tailgunner Joe" would be so proud of Mary Beth!


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