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Hannity And Bolton Ignore McCain’s Insights Into Libya In Order To Fear Monger About Sharia Law

Reported by Ellen - August 24, 2011 -

Sean Hannity, ever on the lookout for new ways to fear monger about sharia law creeping up on his Long Island estate, completely ignored John McCain’s comments about the NTC’s new constitution in Libya in order to suggest that radical sharia law is about to take over Libya. Last night (8/23/11) Hannity presented potential presidential candidate John Bolton as a neutral analyst. Sure enough, Bolton was happy to jump on the fear-mongering bandwagon.

To be sure, there are legitimate concerns about what happens next in Libya. But as Think Progress reported, pulling one article out of the new constitution is not exactly credible grounds to expect that Libya will be the next Iran. “As Adam Serwer noted over at The American Prospect, references to Islamic law are common in national constitutions throughout the Middle East, including those of post-occupation Iraq and Afghanistan.” Funny how you don’t hear Hannity, Bolton, et al. up in arms about the Iraq constitution.

A few nights ago, Sen. John McCain, an actual authority on the matter, said, “I have detected no effort or motivation amongst the National Transition Council, many of whom I know well, to impose Sharia Law… Of course there are extremist elements there as there are in every country and we’ve got to do what we can to help them make that transition… I think that they are eager to do that without turning to radical Islam.”

But Hannity and Bolton completely ignored McCain’s comments. Hannity dismissed the freedoms enunciated in the draft Constitution, saying, “all these freedoms, they’re all words,” before adding, “We have a pretty good idea of what would emerge if in fact as they say here that 'Islam is the religion of the state.'”

Bolton sneered that Arab diplomats “are all in favor of women’s rights, subject to sharia law.”

I wonder how many Christian laws Hannity and Bolton would love to insist American women be subject to. But that’s a topic for another discussion.

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