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Mitt Romney Makes A Campaign Stop To Fox News’ Your World

Reported by Guest Blogger - August 23, 2011 -

By Brian

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney visited Your World yesterday for a lengthy, wide-ranging discussion – though no questions about that $12 million mansion that’s so “inadequate” he’s tearing it down to build a new one four times bigger.

At about 4:50 into the interview, Cavuto gave Romney an opportunity to defend his ridiculous “corporations are people” comments.

Cavuto asked, "When you made that comment in Iowa last week that corporations are people too, your critics, particularly on the left, seized on that to say you were an out of touch elitist, what did you really mean by that?"

Romney “explained,” "If you talk about raising taxes on corporations, recognize that you're raising taxes on people. The concrete, the steel and the corporate headquarters, they don't pay taxes. It's people who pay taxes. Either the employees or the shareholders, and by the way, look at your 401k. A lot of people are shareholders, and you can also have customers pay… Corporations are like people. They're filled with people… America's business sector has been crushed by policies out of this White House that are so wrong headed, most people in the business world just shake their head... Attacking business, like the Democrats want to do, and class warfare like some members of the administration want to do, is the wrong way to go."

if corporations are like people, do they eat, drink, sleep, breathe, speak, and walk? Cavuto, of course, didn’t ask. He not only didn’t challenge a single statement, he nodded his head as Romney spoke.

Romney also had time to boast about his business acumen, "having lived in the private sector for 25 years. Been a businessman, a successful businessman. By the way, I’m not embarrassed about that. The fact that Bain Capital is one of the leading enterprises of its nature in the world is something I'm proud of. I understand how the economy works, and I want to use that skill to get Americans back to work."

As Politicususa noted, Romney bought companies, broke them up, and outsourced jobs overseas. If he uses that skill in the White House, more Americans may be going to the unemployment line instead of back to work. But Cavuto was either ignorant of that aspect of Romney’s business “acumen” or didn’t find it significant or, worst of all, pulled his punch. For whatever reason, Cavuto never said a word about it nor offered any challenge to Romney's "acumen."

Romney did get the Cavuto stamp of approval. Cavuto said at the end of the interview,"It's always a pleasure. My best to you and your family. Be well."

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