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Hannity’s Ridiculous Attempt To Credit Bush For Qaddafi’s Overthrow

Reported by Ellen - August 23, 2011 -

Apparently desperate to make sure President Obama didn’t gain politically from the imminent fall of Qaddafi, Hannity came up with a ridiculous talking point: That in his Libya policy, Obama had adopted President Bush’s doctrine of preemption.

During a discussion last night with Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain (more about this segment in another post), Hannity brought up the subject of Libya at about 5:20.

"Does the president now agree with the preemption policy of George W. Bush or does he agree with Colin Powell, who said, ‘If you break it, you buy it?’ Does that now apply to Libya and President Obama in your view?” Hannity asked.

Say what?

What does Bush’s preemption policy have to do with Libya? Does Hannity think Libya was a threat? Was he likening NATO’s actions in Libya to the invasion of Iraq?

Cain didn’t offer any enlightenment on that score. He gave “hats off” to British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy but spent the rest of the Libya discussion attacking Obama.

Hannity seemed perfectly happy with that response.

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