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Fox News And Hannity Promote Cain’s Call For Impeaching Obama

Reported by Ellen - August 23, 2011 -

Republican Herman Cain has a new economic plan but Sean Hannity and Fox News were clearly more interested in the fact that Cain has called for impeaching President Obama than in any of his ideas about helping the economy.

The segment, which Fox News called 2012 Candidate Calls for President’s Impeachment, began with one of Fox’s favorite uber-liberal boogeywomen, Janeane Garofalo, saying that she felt Cain might be getting paid to run and to ask for Obama’s impeachment so that nobody could call it racism.

Hannity – who didn’t mind a bit when a guest accused “most blacks” in Tennessee of being racists – was suddenly very sensitive to this “ridiculous racial rant.”

But after the clip, Hannity introduced Cain by saying, “Garofalo is actually right about one thing. Cain is calling for President Obama to possibly be impeached or at the very least investigated for his position to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act.”

Hannity must have known that Cain’s calls for impeachment are about as likely to succeed as his presidential run. Because Hannity immediately dropped talk of impeachment in order to spend the next part of the segment whining about the unfair, meanie attacks on conservatives. Apparently, he forgot that Jon Stewart made a complete fool out of him on that score.

So even though almost no time was spent discussing impeachment, FoxNews.com subtitled the segment, “Herman Cain on Obama’s decision to no longer defend federal government’s gay marriage ban.”

Cain had to bring up his new economic plan on his own.

As I have previously posted, Hannity also used this segment as a ridiculous attempt to credit Bush for Obama's success in Libya.

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