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Fox & Friends Touts Rick Perry's "Cowboy Values"

Reported by Priscilla - August 22, 2011 -

As documented by Media Matters, Fox News does seem to be "swooning" over GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry. Brain (whoops, Brian ) Kilmeade has such a Texas size man crush on Perry that he asserted that Perry will be our next president. Today's Fox & Friends Perry paean piece wasn't as overt as it could be. However, as the intent was to sell Perry's "cowboy values," as articulated by "cowboy libertarian" Patrick Dorinson, the message was clear. Not only has Rick Perry lassoed the hearts of the rodeo clowns (certainly not gay caballeros) on Fox & Friends; but they want the rest of American to be rounded up in Perry's conservative corral.

Brian Kilmeade began by saying that "Rick Perry is gaining steam in his race for the White House; but some say his cowboy values may be a problem." (Ya Think!) He played video of Karl Rove saying that Perry "needs to fight the impression that he's a cowboy from Texas." The chyron provided the "official" Fox & Friends position (bent over, if you catch my drift) on Rick Perry: "A Cowboy in Office, Why Cowboy Values Trumps Washington's." Steve Doocy scrunched up his face while asking "what's wrong with cowboy values?" He introduced Patrick Dorinson who was in San Francisco (Not exactly cowboy country.) Dorinson explained "cowboy values" as "the simple virtues that built this country." (I don't think the early Puritans and William Penn would have described themselves as cowboys!) He said that "you help a neighbor in need," (Hopefully those Texans with cowboy values are helping out those 1 in 4 Texas kids who live in poverty) and "do your work" by putting in "an honest day." (Guess the guys on the couch don't have cowboy values!) He noted that the term "cowboy" has become politically negative. (Right, hombre, that's because our last "cowboy president" got us into a war that wasn't necessary and cost far too many lives). The chyron provided some reinforcing agitprop: "Since When is a Cowboy Bad? Both Dems and Repubs Use Cowboy as a Negative." Speaking of Bush, Kilmeade asked if he was a cowboy. Dorinson said that Bush had the cowboy values of "small town America" (LOL, Choate and Yale educated, scion of New England aristocracy, George Bush!!!!) which "we've seemed to have lost over the years."

He claimed that we have along with the fiscal deficit, we have a "values" and "ethics" deficit. (Right, just take a look at all the racist commentary on Fox Nation). He cited how Elliott Spitzer got a TV show after he was "cavortin with hookers." (Right, and thrice married, philanderer extraordinaire GOP Newt Gingrich is a presidential candidate and former Fox contributor). Doocy tittered. The chyron lesson was "An American Caricature, Dorinson: Cowboys Known as Reckless, Untrue." (So now you know that if cowboy values are good and Rick Perry is a cowboy, he is good!) Dorinson asserted that we need to get back to the values that "made this country great" and "that's what the Tea Party is saying." (Ah, the good old days when blacks and women knew their place and gays were in the closet lest they get killed. Good times) After Dorinson cited GOP Chris Christie as having the cowboy value of straight talk, he commented that our problem is a "president who is trying to look for the easy way out."

Comment: Yee Ha, Ride em cowboys. Seriously, it's beginning to look like Doocy and Kilmeade just can't quit Rick Perry!

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