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Bernard GoldBerg Blasts Laura Ingraham Over Her Charles Rangel Interview

Reported by Ellen - August 22, 2011 -

I can’t say Bernard Goldberg doesn’t surprise me sometimes. He appeared on The O’Reilly Factor tonight to discuss Laura Ingraham’s interview with Charles Rangel last week while Bill was away. Not only did Goldberg take Rangel’s side for calling Ingraham “just a pretty girl,” he blasted Ingraham for refusing to let Rangel answer her questions.

The Rangel discussion begins at about three minutes into the video below.

First, Goldberg dismissed criticisms of Rangel for saying, out of frustration, that O’Reilly’s secret weapon was “just a pretty girl,” meaning Ingraham. When asked if Rangel had crossed a line by using that expression, Goldberg answered, “A big, fat, emphatic ‘no.’ ...When did we become such sissies that something like this becomes a big deal?”

But Goldberg wasn’t done. He went on to say, “Laura is lucky that that’s all he said about her. There ought to be a rule on these shows. The host asks the question and then shuts the hell up… Charlie Rangel was clearly frustrated and he said that.”

Ironically, O’Reilly interrupted Goldberg during this exchange, to which he replied exasperatedly, “You just did what I’m saying!”

O’Reilly defended interrupting a guest when he or she “deflects” or refuses to answer or lies. But Goldberg called him out on that, demanding to know if O’Reilly was saying Rangel lied (which, of course, he wasn’t. Rangel couldn't speak for long enough to lie!).

Goldberg continued, “A lot of time the hosts have an agenda and the person starts to answer the question but they want to make a speech. People at home are tired of that…”

Believe it or not, I’m going to be more critical of Rangel than Goldberg because I think Rangel did evade some of Ingraham’s questions. But her tactics did nothing to draw him out and only served as hostile barbs. You can watch the Rangel interview here.

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