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No Objection From Cavuto As Parker Complains About Obama’s “Attack On Free Market And Capitalism”

Reported by Guest Blogger - August 20, 2011 -

By Brian and Ellen

If there’s anyone who should know that President Obama is not a socialist intent on destroying the free market and capitalism, it’s Fox News’ business guy, Neil Cavuto. But he offered no challenge to conservative columnist Star Parker when she made that outrageous falsehood that, sadly, has become commonplace on Fox.

Has Parker ever opened her mouth without sneering? She and Michelle Malkin could have a contest. In this case, Parker launched into her first sneer (obviously pre-planned) with her first sentence. The discussion was ostensibly about the President’s proposal for a Department of Jobs. So Parker “quipped,” "He's creating a Department of Jobs because he realizes he's going to be in need of one, so he wants to be first in line." She referred to Laurence J. Peter's "The Peter Principle" book by saying, "You can always tell when a person has reached their level of incompetence because they just move around deck chairs on the Titanic."

Cavuto quipped, “Be careful, I built a career on that.” He then continued, “We've seen this before, all good intentions with the energy agency, the education (department), to little avail."

But Parker started sneering again. "That's all that liberals know how to do, is grow government and spend other peoples money.” She later said contemptuously, “The market is resilient, though, it is going to go up and down, outside of Barack Obama’s attack on free market and capitalism. Growing government, it's not going to work this time the same way it hasn't worked in the past."

Apparently, Parker hasn't heard of the New Deal or Great Society, or the fact the stimulus saved jobs. Or maybe she just doesn’t care. Eliminating departments, comparing the President to the Titanic? This is Fox “News.”

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