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Fox & Friends' Newest Cross Story Advances "War On Religion" Meme

Reported by Priscilla - August 20, 2011 -

Fox & Friends is where America's propaganda day begins. As coffee for the masses, it provides a heavy brew of Roger Ailes infused agitprop much of it validating the views of America's already politically caffeinated right wing- particularly the Christian right who believe that the godless secularist state is trying to curtail their religious freedom. Hence, the plethora of Fox & Friends stories about persecuted Christians - many of whom are defending those old, rugged Christian crosses from those godless secularists who are trying to remove these clearly Christians symbols from public land. For these folks, the First Amendment doesn't pertain to the separation of church and state; but to their supposed right to put up Christian tchotchke on taxpayer supported property. Fox & Friends advances the narrative of this supposed infringement on religious "free speech" while not promoting the free speech of those they don't agree with especially atheists. In fact, the Fox & Friends cross segments frequently target atheists as the enemy. Other right wing tropes that are articulated during these Christian cross pieces are the questioning of whether there is a separation of church and state and the inevitable comment that it's only a few folks who spoil it for "the majority." All these talking points were brewed during the persecuted Christian cross segment on Friday's Fox & Friends, the show for "coffee, smiles, fear and terror."

Dave Briggs reported that three roadside crosses in Julian, California, which have been standing for 100 years, will be taken down because of a "few anonymous complaints" (talking point 1) about the crosses being on public property. He noted that a church has offered to put the churches on their property but some folks want them to stay where they are. He introduced Dorinda Smith who is "fighting for the crosses." She claimed that these things are a "symbol of love and faith" and are "historical icons." To Briggs question of whether these crosses violate the separation of church and state, Smith said that she doesn't believe there is such a thing." (talking point 2). The chyron provided talking points 3 (war on Christianity and its cross) and 4 (evil atheists) with "War on Christian Crosses? Smith: Atheists Attacking Religious Freedom." (Note, she didn't mention atheists during the interview). She said that this situation is similar to the Mojave Desert Cross case (covered extensively by Fox & Friends) and quoted from SCOTUS Judge Kennedy and Jay Sekulow (from the 501 (c) (3) right wing American Center for Law and Justice which uses taxpayer money to spread right wing propaganda and allow its directors to fly about on a private plane) about how they felt that crosses on public land were acceptable. After Briggs read a quote from a California transportation official who wants to work with the townsfolks, the chyron provided talking point 5 and the main message for this piece as well as all past and future ones involved persecuted Christians and their crosses: "Church vs. State, the War on Religious Freedom of Expression."

Briggs provided the perfunctory reference to how just a few folks are ruining it for Christians. (talking point 6) - "How much does it bother you that a few, a handful, of anonymous complaints we're not talking about the masses?" Smith validated this meme about how these nasty people are going against "the majority." (talking point 7) -"It bothers me a lot. It's not fair for a few people to go against the wishes of the town." Briggs ended with the official Fox & Friends opinion: "And some would say that when the California state budget is a mess, this is not the right time to be looking to spend extra money to please just a few voices."

Comment: Golly, gee, I wonder how Briggs would feel about a lone Christian complaining about a Muslim symbol being erected on public property. Anyway, the Christian soldiers on Fox & Friends are carrying the cross of Jesus. Some things never change on the show where along with their coffee, the audience gets its daily does of Jesus juice!


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