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Van Susteren Ignores Palin’s Champagne Tastes While Helping Her Attack Obama’s “Elite” Martha's Vineyard Vacation

Reported by Ellen - August 19, 2011 -

Remember how Sarah Palin’s expensive demands – including first-class travel arrangements, a hotel suite plus two bedrooms and bendable straws for her bottled water, on top of her $75,000 speaking fee – rankled California students, coping with rising fees and class cuts, when the California State University foundation hired Palin to speak? Apparently, Greta Van Susteren has forgotten that, along with other examples of Palin extravagances. One way or the other, Van Susteren completely missed the hypocrisy as Palin railed on and on against President Obama’s vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. And while Van Susteren was playing dumb, she also helped perpetuate the myth that Palin might run for President. UPDATED WITH NEWS ABOUT GRETA VAN SUSTEREN'S WEEKEND PLANS.

Van Susteren set up the attack for Palin by “asking” about Obama’s vacation, “Does it send a sign to the American people? Does it matter symbolically where he is?”

Sure enough, Palin thought so. The quitting former governor (not that Van Susteren brought that up) complained about Obama not keeping promises and “jetting off to tickle his toes in the sand at Martha’s Vineyard… probably ignoring the fact that 14 million Americans cannot find a job, that 40+ million Americans are relying on food stamps to make ends meet… He just seems so extremely absent from the reality that the rest of us are facing in this country today and that’s illustrated by his desire and now his action to go on vacation again.”

So how is Palin “facing” that economic reality? By buying her 4,000 square foot home in Arizona? By helping daughter Bristol milk the non-profit teen pregnancy foundation that paid her seven times more than what it spent on preventing teen pregnancies? Or was it by quitting her latest bus tour to Iowa? We’ll never know because Van Susteren didn’t ask about any of that, either.

Instead, “regular-gal” Palin, speaking from what looked like the home studio Fox News built for her, went on to complain that Obama went to an “elite” locale while “the rest of us are kinda shakin’ our heads.”

Van Susteren said with obvious disdain, “I guess at these sort of perilous times… symbolically, we want to see our president leading us… I wonder who’s talking to him, who’s giving him advice… We need inspiration at this point and this isn’t it.”

So what kind of "inspiration" did Palin provide? Another screed short on actions, long on attacks on Obama.

Van Susteren also complained that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, instead of Obama, made the U.S. demand that Syrian President Assad resign. Van Susteren said, “She looked much more presidential… and I thought to myself, is he just tired? Has he just given up?”

Unlike Palin actually quitting halfway through her first term as governor, I'm sure. No, Van Susteren teasingly asked why Palin was “going back to Iowa.”

As I previously posted, it couldn’t be clearer that Palin will not run for president. But Van Susteren, like her other Fox News colleagues, continues to pretend otherwise. “Are you any closer to making a decision? …Can you at least give me a little bit of a hint which way the wind is blowing tonight?” Van Susteren asked.

“Still contemplating,” Palin said, before giving the hint that, “You don’t need a title to make a difference, you don’t need to hold an office to make a difference. I think I am proof of that.”

But I’m sure everyone on Fox will ignore that hint the way they ignore other details that don’t suit their endless efforts to keep Palin looking good as well as relevant.

UPDATE: After this touching display of concern for the feelings of struggling Americans, guess where Greta Van Susteren took off for? Kim Kardashian's wedding extravaganza. Nothing says "in touch with regular folks" like taking part in a $10 million wedding!

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