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Gretchen Carlson Endorses Non Existent Texas Creationist Curriculum!

Reported by Priscilla - August 19, 2011 -

Former Miss America and professional Christian Gretchen Carlson is a Stanford Grad. As such, she can't be anywhere near as dumb as she appears to be whilst sitting on the curvy couch next to interchangeable males whose IQ's are definitely on the left side of the Bell Curve and I ain't talking politics. In observing Gretch's staged stupidity, Jon Stewart once asked why she's stashing her IQ in an offshore account. I've long suspected that Gretch's theatrics are staged to appeal to the Fox & Friends demographics by making her look like one of them - simple conservative folk who don't believe in science cuz it's pushed by evil, librul, Jesus hating academics. In their 6,000 year old world, all you need to know is in the bible. Gretch's IQ stashing was apparent on this morning's Fox & Friends, during which Gretch et al. defended poor Rick Perry who was asked, by a boy in NH, about the age of the earth. While the reality based community is appalled at Perry's seeming ignorance, the bizarro world, for whom Fox & Friends is a mouthpiece, thinks it's just fine.

In keeping with their recent meme that kids are used by liberals (pay no mind to those who looked like children at teabagging rallies - they were really hobbits!) the Kurvy, Kouch, Krewe claimed that the boy's mother was using him. Whatever. But then Gretch said that Perry's answer about how Texas teaches both creationism and evolution was just dandy. Thing is that Texas doesn't teach creationism. The Texas Board of Education attempted to foist creationism into the public schools but that was dead ended. Even if it had been approved it would not have prevailed as the teaching of creationism, a religious origin myth, has been ruled unconstitutional. But above all, the notion that schools should teach both is patently absurd. It would be like teaching the holocaust and holocaust denial. As college professor and writer for "The Nation," Melissa Harris Perry said, this morning, on "Morning Joe" (the morning show for grown-ups as opposed to the televised kindergarten of Fox & Friends) it would be like teaching that 2 plus 2 can equal either 4 or 6. One thing is for sure, they don't teach creationism, as a science, at Stanford. And if Gretch's kids go to private schools where they do teach it, they won't be following in mom's academic footsteps!

Oh, and Brain (whoops Brian), those silly scientific eggheads over at the US Geological Survey tell us that the earth 4.54 billion years old.

From "Good Education"


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