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Charles Rangel Tries To Respond To Allen West's "Harriet Tubman" Comments

Reported by Ellen - August 19, 2011 -

The O'Reilly Factor brought on Congressman Charles Rangel Thursday night (8/18/11), ostensibly to answer Allen West's ludicrous comments of the night before in which he likened himself to Harriet Tubman, leading African Americans from the "plantation" of Democrats. But unlike West, Rangel barely got a chance to say a word before guest host Laura Ingraham bombarded him with new questions. Sadly, Rangel did not handle it as well as he could have, evading questions about how the war on poverty has worked for the black community and even resorting to calling Ingraham "just a pretty girl," though he later apologized. But Ingraham was a model of a rude host, even making a snotty comment about Rangel's ethics troubles at the end.

Compare how Ingraham treated Rangel to the way she treated West.

Fair and balanced my foot!

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