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Michelle Malkin Uses Flash Mobs As An Excuse To Attack African Americans

Reported by Ellen - August 18, 2011 -

The Hannity show had a discussion about flash mobs Wednesday night (8/17/11). But instead of booking a guest with any real expertise in or insight into youth violence, inner city violence or even racial violence, Hannity trotted out Michelle Malkin. She used the segment to launch a shocking, full-scale attack on African Americans - with bonus swipes at President Obama, the Congressional Black Caucus, unions and more. It was clear her animosity was nothing new. Sean Hannity said nothing to challenge her hideous invective. If any black person said such things about whites on Fox, he or she would be crucified. Or, should I say, "electronically lynched?"

Hannity began by fear mongering. “Fear is escalating across the country as flash mobs are on the rise in recent weeks.”

After noting that flash mobs had “an instant organizing tool,” (presumably social networking and other technology), Malkin, with her trademark sour sanctimony, added,

I think the other thing that stands out of course is something that the liberal media elite doesn’t want to talk about. And that is the explicit racial factor that’s going on in many of these cases. Now, yes, we had (African American) Mayor Nutter call out some of these young black students and youth that have been involved in some of these but you don’t for the most part hear minority leaders – and we certainly haven’t heard anything from President Obama, who’s shown willingness to talk about racial issues – remember the beer summit? But he has said nothing about this when it involves minority young people who are explicitly going after whites, Asians – not just on the streets but in our schools.

Hannity sat silently, then played a clip of Nutter telling African Americans (to enthusiastic applause) to pull the hoodies down, “pull your pants up and buy a belt ‘cause no one wants to see your underwear or the crack of your butt.”

“Amen, it’s about time,” Malkin said. But that was really just a segue for her next racial attack:

But I wonder, and I think many people do who have observed this festering aggrievement in the inner cities, whether it’s too late. Now we have had some role models in the black community, particularly Bill Cosby, who has been sending that ‘pull your pants up and get your act together’ message for a long time but there have been too many in the minority community, too many in the Congressional Black Caucus, for example, Maxine Waters types who are excusers and rationalizers and who have turned the perpetrators into the victims. I mean, it’s this whole welfare state mentality where people’s violent acts have been excused.

As Hannity brought up violence in Europe – suggesting that a “mindset of entitlement” was to blame here and there, Malkin used that as a springboard to spread her scorn to everyone else she disagrees with.

…The same sort of ACORN, community organizer mentality, the issuing of intimidation manuals by groups like the SEIU, for example, are of a piece. Because what they do is condone the kind of barbaric behavior we’ve seen from some of these activists showing up at the private homes of corporate executives, for example, and the kind of rhetoric that never gets condemned by the civility police.

… And I think the stoking of that kind of entitlement certainly is the road to barbarism that we’ve seen in Greece and Europe and yeah, I mean, it’s not just a matter of predicting that it will come here, we’ve seen it happen.

Feel free to contact Michelle Malkin at writemalkin@gmail.com and suggest that she make sure her children pay for their own education, buy their own clothes and food – and heck, maybe they ought to learn to cook it, too – because she certainly won’t want to start them on the “road to barbarism” through some sense of entitlement.

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