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Laura Ingraham Pimps Pro-Life Propaganda: Birth Control = Abortion

Reported by Priscilla - August 18, 2011 -

Laura Ingraham is a single, uber pro-life, uber Roman Catholic who is, presumably, uber celibate. Yet, she is vehemently against having public schools teach sex education for those who won't be following her holy lifestyle. Along with the abstinence only crowd, the anti-choice community, and (of course) the NY Catholic archdiocese, Laura isn't happy with the new mandatory sex education program being implemented for NY City public junior and high schools. They seem to fear that the very mention of sex will unleash an epidemic of wang, dang, pooty tang among America's chaste students many of whom are, despite the admonitions of the save yourself for Jesus crowd, already doing it and if they don't have the proper tools and education to deal with sex and sexuality, they'll be subject to even more teen pregnancies and STD's. In filling in, last night, for Bill O'Reilly, St. Laura of the great, big, gold cross (and she was sporting a new one which, one hopes, was blessed, as was the old one, by the "Holy Father.") had what officially constituted a "fair & balanced" discussion about the NY sex ed curriculum. But in keeping with Fox News' mission as America's pro-life newsroom, Laura provided all the requisite anti-choice talking points which included the pro-life lie about how birth control pills are really abortion pills and if the public schools talk about birth control pills, they're promoting abortion. Hopefully, Laura got some time off in Purgatory for last night's pro-life proselytizing!

Sister Mary Laura was swinging that great, big crucifix (metaphorically speaking) right out of the box with the question of whether "government bureaucrats should be able to force your kids to take sex education?" She reported that in the upcoming school year, NY kids as young as 11 will be required to take sex ed "and we're not talking about kissing and holding hands stuff. We're gonna be talking about graphic stuff that would make most adults uncomfortble." (No, Laura, most of us aren't grossed out by what you think is dirty, sinful sex.) After saying that some NY'ers aren't happy, she showed a video of chastity advocate (seriously), Dr. Miriam Grossman, speaking in front of those protesting the curriculum including two Catholic nuns. Grossman said the curriculum leaves students "misinformed" and "vulnerable." She introduced her guests, Dr. Grossman and Dr. Steven Lamm from the NY University School of Medicine.

Ingraham began with the abstinence only canard that despite years of sex education, NY has a high rate of abortions. Grossman claimed that there are "serious flaws" in the program because there's no strong "delay sex" message. (LOL, that's the message that we Catholic high school students got, way back when, and it didn't work!) She said that the curricula "has loads of green lights for teen sex." Laura provided another abstinence talking point when she said that what Grossman was saying is that the program is "a permission slip for early sexual activity" when "all evidence" shows that the earlier the sexual intercourse" the harder life will be. When Lamm spoke of the need for the program, Ingraham said the program is "graphic." He referenced how there is an opt out for the birth control classes and cited the ineffectiveness of abstinence only programs. Ingraham asked Grossman if it's true that kids can't handle this information which should be provided by parents and not schools.Grossman claimed that the NY curriculum recommends that students go to a website which, according to Grossman, has terrible things that parents would be appalled about - such shocking things as eating disorders and dealing with a parent's death!

After Sister Laura worked in the requisite evil Planned Parenthood reference when she said that they support the curriculum, she got to the anti-choice red meat with a question, to Lamm, about whether" the abortion rate has decreased with oral abortifacients, the day after pill and so forth has decreased with all this sex education because what I'm reading, oral contraceptive, the day after pill, that's an extremely high number." When Lamm responded that the pregnancy rate has declined, she attributed that to the abortion rate which shows that "babies are being flushed away." Ignoring the anti-choice point, Lamm said it was due to contraception education. Grossman said this was the "nanny state."

Comment: One can see why Sister Mary Laura is a "pro-life luminary" as she peddles, on a national "news" network, all the talking points of those who seek to put women back into the Middle Ages. And just like her fellow travelers, she promotes the lie (and their argument against free birth control) that the morning after pill induces abortion. It doesn't - it merely prevents implantation of a fertilized egg. But hey, single, celibate Laura doesn't have to worry about pregnancy, does she? And she doesn't worry about lying cuz she's wearing that great, big, gold cross so it's all good....

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