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Jerry Springer Challenges Hannity On His Self-Serving "Concern" For Unemployed

Reported by Ellen - August 18, 2011 -

“Regular guy” Sean Hannity can’t keep from attacking President Obama for “hanging out” with rich people on Martha’s Vineyard (said with mock snob accent) while so many are suffering economically. Because I’m sure multi-millionaire Hannity acutely feels their pain from the pool and tennis courts of his Long Island estate. But guest Jerry Springer did a terrific job of countering the criticism. “If I thought that you two were serious about worrying about employment in America, you wouldn’t be worried about, ‘Oh, my God, the president is actually having a week or two vacation with his family, isn’t that horrible,’ you wouldn’t have fought so hard to stop giving us a stimulus that was necessary when people are unemployed.” He also challenged Hannity to be willing to pay more in taxes to help out the country.

The discussion predictably turned into a shouting match but Springer held his ground admirably and kept the two conservatives on the defensive. “All this name calling, if you want to put people back to work… We’ve had the Bush tax cuts… how come unemployment keeps going up? …They obviously haven’t worked.”

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