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Greta Van Susteren Helps Whitewash Rick Perry’s Attack On Bernanke

Reported by Ellen - August 17, 2011 -

While many Republicans were appalled at GOP presidential candidate’s thinly-veiled threat against the elderly Fed chairman, Ben Bernanke, Fox News helped whitewash his comments. Here’s how Greta Van Susteren opened her discussion of the subject last night: “Texas Governor Rick Perry comes out swinging, Texas style!”

Van Susteren went on to say, “The governor, with a touch of Texas swagger, said Fed chairman Ben Bernanke would be treated ‘pretty ugly’ in Texas if he were to print more money and then, though, the governor cranked it up a bit more, calling Bernanke’s handling of the recession ‘almost treasonous.’ And that was too much for the White House.” Nice way to paint it as a he said/she said "reaction" by the White House.

She concluded, as most if not all Fox News segments do when it’s a Republican under fire for inflammatory comments, by suggesting that both sides do it. “Now, one thing is safe to say. Both sides of the political aisle are fired up.”

She then brought on Karl Rove who was critical of Perry’s remarks, saying they were “not very adept.” But Rove almost immediately followed that with the comment, “I thought he (Perry) was very skilled this afternoon when the New York Times tried to bait him into repeating the charge and he said, ‘I stand by my remarks,’ about the decline and the value of our currency but he refused to repeat the charge.’ He’s learned his lesson.”

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