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Mike Huckabee Says Homophobic "Hate Group" Is "Respected Family Organization"

Reported by Priscilla - August 16, 2011 -

On Saturday evening, Mike Huckabee had a "special" TV program during which he interviewed Michele Bachmann and other conservatives regarding the Iowa straw poll results. That this show was just another Huckabee right wing Christian propaganda vehicle was underscored by his gushing admiration for all the talking points being proffered by those who, while claiming to promote "family values," promote intolerance and hatred. Funny, in a recent interview with Mike Huckabee about Huckabee's wonderful "educational" videos, Bill O'Reilly and Huckabee vilified the "far left." But the reality is that Huckabee represents an even more insidious extremist point of view. During his Iowa interview, Huckabee's praise for Tony Perkins' homophobic hate group, "The Family Research Council" and hate radio personality Steve Deace clearly reflects Huckabee's connection to an extremist worldview that seeks to impose its Christian "shariah" into the American political system. If that's not "far right," I don't what is!

Huckabee was on location in Iowa. He began by asking if "values voters" still matter and stated that there are "some" who say that economic issues are the most important priorities. He noted that his guests "might disagree with that." He then introduced Tony Perkins, president of the SPLC designated "hate group," The Family Research Council" and described the FRC as "one of the most respected family organizations in America" and Steve Deace who, according to Huckabee, had a number one rated talk show and "has now gone national with Salem Broadcasting." He didn't mention that Salem is a Christian, conservative network. He described Deace as "a remarkable person." Huckabee wanted to know if Bachmann's strategy of focusing herself on "life" issues was "smart." Perkins said that all the candidates focused "on the value of human life" which, according to Perkins, shows the impact of values voters on GOP politics. Huckabee asked if there is a conflict between "values" and jobs issues. Deace, on script, said that you can't have a strong government without strong families and - wait for it - social security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the "welfare state" are "by-products of the break down of the family." (Guess elderly folks who have no family need to get a job and die in the gutter? Of course, the reality here is that the "welfare state" is caused by a breakdown of the economy which then facilitates a breakdown of families but who cares about facts in a faith based, 6,000 year old world).

Deace referenced the marriage pledge which Huckabee's "friend," Bob Vanderplaats, put out. (Huckabee is palling around with an extremist homophobe) He said it was "pillaged" but that Bachmann was the first to sign it. Deace sucked up to Huckabee by saying that Iowans respect sincerity which was demonstrated by Huckabee's win in the last straw poll. Perkins continued the talking points about strengthening the family which is one of Bachman's key issues. He added that she will be attacked fo her faith, by the media and politicians, just like Huckabee; but if she stays strong she will shoot up in the polls because people hate the media and politicians.

Comment: You could just feel the love between Huckabee and the other two. It just warms my heart to know that Huckabee is friends with Vander Plaats who said that God will destroy American for gay marriage, that legalizing gay marriage is like legalizing incest, and that gay marriage will destroy property rights. Deace, who looks like an aficionado of Iowa's famous fried foods is also a Christian extremist. He once criticized a former LA Dodger for missing a baseball game during the High Holydays and said that Shawn Green should convert to Christianity. He says that Oprah is "the high priestess of American paganism," gays can't call themselves Christians, and that Islam is incompatible with military service. He said that "babies in Kansas are safer today then they were while George Tiller was taking in oxygen." The homophobia of Perkins group is well documented.

As the "Church Lady" would say, "isn't it special" that the "fair & balanced" network provides a pulpit for Minister Huckabee to advance the gospel of old time religious hatred. And O'Reilly complains about the "far left." Give me a break!

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