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Greg Gutfeld's Guests Attack Children Featured In MoveOn.Org Video

Reported by Priscilla - August 16, 2011 -

In discussing the new ad from MoveOn which has children articulating progressive talking points, Fox Friend Peter Johnson Jr. said that this "is a new low in using children in a political message." But while Johnson thinks that MoveOn stooped to a new low, the reality is that the bar has been lowered by none other than Fox News "comedy" show, "Red Eye." It's a fact that former altar boy Greg Gutfeld attacks those who don't follow right wing orthodoxy. But so far, the smearing has been limited to adults. Last week, Gutfeld's guests went to a new low, even for Fox News, by attacking the children in the ad. While "Fox & Friends" started the day by suggesting that these so called innocent children were being used, Greg Gutfeld ended the day by providing a platform for his guests to actually smear the children. Stay classy, Greg!

In introducing the video, fabulous funny man Gutfeld told folks to "get their barf bag ready." (hardeharha) What followed was barf worthy and I'm not talking about the ad. After the video, Gutfeld pushed the management memo's requisite propaganda point which was also the theme and script for the "Fox & Friends" piece. He wanted to know if it was "OK to use kids for a political agenda or does it come off as crass." One of Fox's stable of washed up GOP politicians and self described "national security expert," KT McFarland weighed in. (Fun McFarland Fact - during her run against Hillary Clinton for the NY Senate seat she accused Clinton of spying in her bedroom windows and flying helocopters over her Hamptons home). McFarland said that the children are "a bunch of dorks." But that was mild compared to comedian Joe DeVito's comment that "these little bastards are making me so angry."

Comment: Wow, insulting children is the best that these jokers can come up with? MoveOn and The Contract for the American People have responded:

"Fox News is hardly a beacon of responsible journalism. But even by their low standards, calling innocent children "dorks" and "bastards," as they did yesterday, is disgusting. With society focusing more and more on the terrible consequences of bullying, a gang of adults making derogatory comments about a bunch of kids and then laughing about it sends exactly the wrong message to our youth.

"Millions of kids across America struggle every single day with bullying in their schools and in their communities. The last thing any child should be subjected to is bullying by adults on television. Fox News should tell the panelists who made these comments that they're no longer welcome on the network, and issue an apology to the children and their families."

So it's fine for Fox contributors to bully children. Talk about "a new low!"

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