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Cavuto Trots Out Meg Whitman For Romney Republican Rehab For “Corporations Are People” Comment

Reported by Guest Blogger - August 15, 2011 -

By Brian

Mitt Romney got into a bit of political hot water recently for saying corporations are people. So during the Cost of Freedom “On The Brink” special on Saturday (8/13/11), Neil Cavuto trotted out failed Republican candidate and former eBay head – and billionaire – Meg Whitman for a dose of Romney Republican Rehab. Oh, and for her trouble? Cavuto helped pimp Whitman for VP or Treasury Secretary.

The seriousness with which Fox News viewed the situation was signaled by a Fox News Alert at the beginning of the segment. There was nothing new in the Romney gaffe, just Cavuto saying “they’re still in a snit about Mitt” before playing a clip of Romney’s comments two days before.

Apparently, Whitman had already spoken out on behalf of Romney, saying he should “own” what he said because it’s true. Cavuto asked Whitman, "How would you explain that?"

Whitman, of course, happily did her best. "Since when are organizations like corporations, companies, businesses that hire people and grow the economy, since when is that a bad thing? We need more hiring in this country, not less. And think about it Neil, what are corporations? Corporations are people that incorporate to do business," she said.

Since when do corporations eat, drink, sleep, speak, or walk? Of course, Cavuto apparently didn't think to ask.

Instead, in typical Fox News fashion, Cavuto “defended” Romney by attacking the usual scapegoats: Democrats, liberals and the so-called liberal media. Cavuto said, "It does fit a bigger pattern, does it not, actually in the conventional media and throughout many liberal groups and what have you, that corporations are evil, and that somehow they're here for nefarious purposes, and don't hire people and don’t provide jobs and don’t provide juice to this economic engine."

Whitman agreed, saying "It's just wrong headed, and it's not the right strategy to go after corporations that hire people."

She went on to sound a lot like she was promoting a Romney candidacy, with comments like, “If we can have good leadership that plots a path forward, that is steady leadership that understands the economy, I think businesses will come rushing back in to hire and grow their businesses.”

Then Cavuto just happened to mention that there’s “speculation” she might be Romney’s choice for vice president. As Whitman turned that aside by saying she’s “happy to help him in any way that he’d like,” but that there are other, better, choices, Cavuto asked, “Treasury Secretary?”

Whitman responded with another Romney plug. “You know what? Whatever he needs, I’m happy to help him out on. If he wins, he’s gonna need a lot of good people because you’ve gotta surround yourself with the very best people. That’s one thing I know Mitt Romney does. He picks the very best people.”

Just another example of the comfy cozy relationship between Fox News and the Republican party.

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