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Steven Crowder Tells Fox & Friends That Straight Marriage Is Awesome - Despite Hollywood!

Reported by Priscilla - August 14, 2011 -

The Christian right hates Hollywood. As the mouthpiece for the Christian right, Fox News never wastes an opportunity to do a little Joe McCarthy redux of Hollywood bashing - although Fox uses the suffix "liberals," after "Hollywood," as opposed to the McCarthy era "Jews." But the intent is the same; i.e. to paint Hollywood as a veritable Sodom and Gomorrah intent on attacking the moral core of society as we know it. There is rich irony, however, in that Rupert Murdoch is well connected to TV and Movie Hollywood. The Christian right also love heterosexual marriage especially now that it's "threatened" by evil gays. As the mouthpiece for these folks, it wasn't surprising to see Fox & Friends jump on the pro-marriage bandwagon while - wait for it - bashing Hollywood. And to make their propaganda twofer, they brought in right wing joker (cuz he's so not a comedian) Steven Crowder who, while still unmarried, thinks that marriage (straight, that is) is just so totally awesome and, like Maggie Gallagher of the homophobic National Organization for Marriage, he had stats to back him up.

As the opening chyron read "Marriage Matters, Myths of Wedding Bell Blues Debunked," Mike Jerrick began the Hollywood bashing: "If you look at Hollywood, you'd think that marriage makes you miserable and also financially destitute." He played a snippet of a male character, in "Knocked Up," complaining about marriage. Juliette Huddy introduced "comedian" Steven Crowder who, now that's he's over his rejection by the "bully" Jon Stewart, says that marriage is "a beautiful thing" - an observation made after having been part of his brother's wedding. Jerrick said that "there are a lot of myths propagated by Hollywood." Crowder debunked the 50% divorce rate "joking" that the only place that's true is in Hollywood. The chyron: "No More Wedding Bell Blues, Crowder: Marriage is Really a Beautiful Thing." While he appears to be correct on that one, the next one was straight of out Gallagher's playbook; i.e. that married couples have more and better sex. He said that if people don't believe as he does "in the moral and spiritual component to marriage and that it's a blessed relationship, just do the physical math, you have a warm and willing physical body with you 100% of the time." (Is it me or is there something creepy about that comment?)

He continued to espouse the benefits of marriage and worked in more Hollywood bashing: "Hollywood has never gotten anything right" (Not even "The 10 Commandments?") and if "you devalue marriage that opens the floodgates, anything can happen..." He worked in the requisite agitprop, albeit in a subtle way, about evil same sex marriage: "It's a big argument you hear all the time, who cares about same sex marriage because we can't get it right, we have a 50% divorce rate." He claimed that he wasn't there to talk about same sex marriage but "it's used as a premise and a false premise. It's not true but leftists in Hollywood hate all good things" (Guess thrice married Newt Gingrich does too!) "I guess it's marriage, unborn babies, and puppies." (Oh, snap a funny anti-choice, anti-Hollywood, and anti-left meme worked into the discussion.) He said that while he's not married, he doesn't have a Mercedes either; but he can "see the value in those." He noted that his newly married brother and sister-in-law, "did it right they saved themselves til marriage" (Oh, snap, an abstinence meme worked into the discussion) and it was a beautiful ceremony.

Anyway, if you want more good stuff about marriage, Crowder's article about it is on Fox Nation.

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