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Neil Cavuto Tries To Suggest Liberal Policies Could Soon Bring London Riots To The U.S.

Reported by Guest Blogger - August 14, 2011 -

By Brian

Yesterday (8/13/11), Fox News’ regular Saturday morning “business block” was pre-empted for a special with the fear-mongering title, “On the Brink.” Not surprisingly, host Neil Cavuto followed in the footsteps of other Fox segments and used the riots to fear monger that liberal policies might soon bring the same violence here.

Yesterday, former member of British parliament John Browne spent his entire segment blaming socialism and liberalism as the culprit of the British riots – without challenge from Cavuto.

Browne called the riots "legal looting… legal rampage." He blamed "politicians with 20 years of liberal socialism, and of course, the politicians are trying to blame parents. Parents don't stand a chance when the schools are so degraded and dumbed down that they’re actually schools for lawlessness, profanity and idleness... A lot of those politicians...stole more of the federal, public money than any of these looters. So they’re looked upon by the public as crooks and irresponsible… Even the prime minister was using funds to decorate his garden. We've had a lot of problems. Open borders, and therefore huge immigration and enforced multi-culturalism against the public will, the dumbing down of the schools, subsidies for single families, a leniency towards drugs, a disarming of the public so that the only people with weapons are the police, the armed forces, and the crooks… Paralyzing of the police, really, they’re so politically correct now. Human rights legislation coming from the European Union which leaves them frightened to have any physical control or contact with potential criminals."

While he spoke, b-roll footage of rioters, police in riot gear and burning buildings took up half the screen.

Cavuto interrupted to deliberately suggest that we’re in imminent danger here in the U.S. “The bigger problem to me is, this is not just Britain,” Cavuto said. “We see riots across Europe… We see disturbances and worker walkouts - although not nearly as violent or heated in the United States – in Wisconisn, and I’m wondering whether there is just a sense here of no one being in charge." He thought that that "frustration" could be "panicking people."

Browne took the hint. "It should worry people because in all our countries, we have the same disease which is liberal socialism, which tears down all values of society, which dumbs down the church, dumbs down the courts… in favor of the criminal, the victim is not cared for at all… The problem is government, it’s big government that is killing our economies. They're taking resources in terms of debt and tax from people, and they’re over-regulating so as to kill businesses, and, basically, dragging our economies into a long term demise."

Browne got the Cavuto Stamp of Approval. "Well put. Very good seeing you."

It’s worth noting, though Cavuto did not, that residents in London don’t blame liberalism for the riots, far from it.

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