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Robert Greenwald: War Budget Cuts Are Possible

Reported by Ellen - August 13, 2011 -

Our friends at Brave New Foundation have launched their War Costs campaign to focus attention on how much of our budget is spent on war and the war industry. As Congress gets ready to look at budget cuts, BNF's producer/director Robert Greenwald writes, "The war industry is already deploying their favorite kind of stealth weapon on Capitol Hill to protect their profits: money and influence." BNF has a petition to Congressional leaders asking that members of the deficit-reduction committee take a hiatus on accepting war-industry contributions and make full disclosure of meetings between contractors and members and their staff.

Greenwald says:

If the U.S. military and the domestic war industry can’t defend our country from people using box cutters and shoe bombs on a budget of less than six times their biggest-spending possible opponent, that means they have an extreme competence problem, not a funding problem. The truth is that we spend too much on war, we can defend our nation for much, much less than what we spend today, and the cuts on the table are absolutely reasonable. What’s not reasonable is to continue funding an outdated view of national defense that requires garrisoning the planet, throwing hundreds of thousands of troops at essentially political problems and spending close to a trillion dollars every year to fight enemies who use homemade bombs.

You can sign the petition here.

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