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Gretchen Carlson Wants President To Fight "The War On Christmas"

Reported by Priscilla - August 13, 2011 -

Just when you think that Gretchen Carlson can't get any more ridiculous, think again. It's a fact that former Miss America and Jesus BFF is obsessed with how "political correctness" is ruining our society. As a Christian soldier, she attributed "PC" to the removal of bible verses from US Army issued guns. In Gretch's world, only Christians count so who cares about heathen Muslim citizen allies and US Muslim soldiers who might be offended. Screw em, says Gretch. When the request, by the father of a 9-11 victim, to have "murdered by Muslim terrorists" on the town memorial, was rejected, Gretch agreed that this was "PC" run amok because when dealing with terrorists who happen to be Muslim, it's important use a religious adjective not used when Gretch's fellow Christians do bad things. A pissed off Gretch blamed "PC" when the Christian Children's Fund changed their name and took the all important "Christian" out of the title. These are just a few of Gretch's pet "PC" peeves; but her biggest source of righteous Christian anger is the Bill O'Reilly/John Gibson generated and Fox enabled bogus "war on Christmas" - a wedge issue used by Fox to further divide the "real" (Christian) America of America's newsroom from evil non believers. She is so concerned about this ongoing apocalyptic battle that she actually thinks the President of the USA should do something about it. And if she had the opportunity to frame questions for a presidential debate, the war on Christmas would be tops on her list. Who cares about deficits, joblessness, an ongoing war, etc. There's a war on Christmas happening and Christian soldier Gretch is bringing it!

During Thursday nights "Culture War" segment, America's Christian daddy, Bill O'Reilly asked his "warriors" what questions they would ask a presidential candidate during a debate. Without explaining why, he said that "cultural problems should come up." St. Gretchen of the Cross (and don't get her started on lawsuits, filed by secular, godless evildoers against crosses on public property!) provided her question which she read from a prepared script:

As president how important would it be for you to address political correctness in our society which many argue is totally out of control from the war on Christmas to leaving the word God out of the Pledge of Allegiance to not calling the Fort Hood shooter what he is a homegrown Muslim terrorist. How is that harmful moving forward for our nation."

Not surprisingly, Bill liked the question but it's "open ended" and doesn't elicit a specific answer. He would ask "is PC harming the country and if you believe that how?" Gretch said that the second part of her question is "what message does that send to our next generation of kids that we're sort of taking away all these things that we used to have in our society. Why. Because we don't want to offend one person." Bill said that it's not really about that but it's because "they don't really like God, the don't really like traditional America." (BTW, Gretch thinks it's just dandy when one persecuted Christian objects to something!)

Poor Bill and Gretch. They pine for the days when those minorities and gays knew their place and if they were the subjects of ethnic jokes they needed to smile politely. They yearn for the days when Jewish children were forced to participate in Christmas pageants and proclaim that Jesus is the "savior." But things have changed and they don't like it - hence, the culture war of which the "war on Christmas" (Say Merry Christmas, dammit) is an important part. Of course, the reality is that churches are full on Christmas and there is no shortage of Christmas imagery especially in the service of commercialism which O'Reilly, Carlson and Jesus don't have a problem with. But for Gretch and Bill to infer that the president needs to deal with this? Excuse me but I thought they were "small government" conservatives. Doesn't the president have enough to deal with? Once again, Gretch, as noted by Jon Stewart, has checked her Stamford degree at the door because she should know about the First Amendment and how issues relating to it are decided by the Supreme Court. What specifically does the president have the power to do regarding "PC?" I did love her comment about "God" having been taken out of the Pledge. It's still there but that's not the message for the audience. I assume she was referring to a recent NBC technical gaffe during a golf tournament that omitted the sacred reference which was added in the early fifties at the behest of the Catholic Knights of Columbus. Fox got some mileage out of that in their protestations that it was really the work of the Jesus hating MSM.

Gretch talks about the "message." The only message here is that she is a total tool of the Christian right which, like Jesus, has a friend in Fox "News."


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