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Newt Gingrich And Hannity Complain About “Gotcha Questions” From Fox’s Chris Wallace

Reported by Ellen - August 12, 2011 -

Apparently, Fox News host and Republican presidential debate moderator Chris Wallace was just a little too objective for Newt Gingrich and Sean Hannity Thursday night (8/11/11). During the debate, Gingrich swung a hard jab at Wallace for asking the “gotcha question” about the mass exodus of Gingrich advisors and the campaign’s finance problems. Later, during a sympathetic post-debate interview with Hannity, Hannity complained about the clear “double standard” of questions for candidates. So was Hannity saying his own Fox News colleague was part of the biased, liberal media? I report, you decide.

Wallace’s question to Gingrich began by noting that “One of the ways that we judge a candidate is the campaign they run.” After citing Gingrich’s campaign problems, Wallace asked, “How do you respond to people who say that your campaign has been a mess so far?” Somehow, that question is missing from the video of Gingrich’s later appearance on Hannity, but you can watch it on Mediaite.

Don’t tell me Gingrich wasn’t prepared in advance to make this kind of memorable moment. He accused Wallace of “playing Mickey Mouse games” with his questions. A large number of people in the audience cheered, presumably Gingrich supporters.

Wallace shot back, “If you think questions about your record are Mickey Mouse, I’m sorry. I think those are questions that a lot of people want to hear answers to, and you’re responsible for your record, Sir.”

In the special post-debate Hannity show, Gingrich complained that “gotcha kind of questions disrupt and slow down the flow of really trying to find solutions.”

OK, that’s to be expected. But Hannity was the one who specifically suggested Wallace was unfair and biased. Hannity said, “I don’t mind hard questions, I think they’re important. As I was watching tonight’s debate, you know what ran through my mind? In all the time that President Obama ran, he didn’t experience one of these moments that I can really think of. The double standard is clear.

Of course, Obama didn’t have the kind of problems Gingrich has had. Apparently, the days of attacking Obama over his “radical associations,” Rev. Wright, or reporting a phony story that Obama attended a madrassa as a child didn’t count.

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