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Got Hypocrisy? Fox & Friends Claim That Liberals "Use" Kids For "Agenda"

Reported by Priscilla - August 12, 2011 -

The right wing's double standard, dare I say hypocrisy, regarding children and the political process was up front and personal on Wednesday's Fox & Friends. The morning couch crew was more than a little upset about how MoveOn has cast children in an ad which promotes progressive talking points. Their theme, also the title of the Fox video, is that liberals are "using kids" for a political agenda. Meanwhile, they're using these kids to push their agenda which was a propaganda twofer in that they worked in some bashing of Van Jones, a former Obama advisor who was relentlessly attacked by Fox News and the right wing. But the irony is even richer when one examines all the "persecuted" Christian and patriot kids who are featured on Fox & Friends. More irony in that their target audience has no compunction about using kids for "pro-life" and Tea Party purposes. The political agenda of the Fox & Friends segment was clear as it always is when they feature all those kids whose issues support whatever propaganda meme is near and dear to America's right wing. And unlike MoveOn, Fox & Friends has a national audience for their "agenda."

The opening chyron was pure agitprop: "Child's Play? Van Jones Uses Kids to Push Welfare State." As seen in the video, the children were promoting progressive points but Fox defines that as "the welfare state." A photo of the African American Van Jones was inserted on the chyron suggested a racist message that it's blacks who are the basis for the "welfare state." Mistress of right wing messaging, Gretchen Carlson previewed the video as containing "interesting messaging." Gretch did a nasty little chuckle when she said that "you have to wonder" if the kids parents knew what was going on because the kids (ha, ha) are "giving tips as to what we should do with the government and they're pro-Obama." The "welfare state" tips included investing in America's infrastructure, medicare for all because when everyone has health care, "we're all healthier." (Such a radical, socialist idea!) One suspects that "return to fairer tax rates" was considered downright socialsm for the three rich, white "friends." Fox & Friends is ground zero for manufactured controversy and the chyron communicated the requisite message: "Campaign Lead By Van Jones Stirs Controversy." Doocy referenced how the campaign was developed by Van Jones. So far, one minute into the video, Van Jones has been cited three times. More propaganda on the chyron which read, "Mediscare Tactics, Kids Demand Health Care for All." (WTF? What does that even mean?) Fourth and fifth mention of Jones with Doocy mentioning that he was Obama's green czar. A big photo of identifying this scary black man was shown.

Peter Johnson Jr., who "never saw right wing child indoctrination," claimed that Jones is a "self avowed Marxist" which is interesting in that Jones avows that his "work is rooted in pro-business, market-based ideas." Guess GOP Jack Kemp must have been a commie-pinko as Jones is referred to as "the green Jack Kemp." The chyron: "Kiddie Propaganda." Johnson said that kids should be "indoctrinated" in the Boy Scout Pledge, the Ten Commandments, and times tables and this is a "new low in using children in a political message." Doocy, who has never seen a persecuted Christian/patriot kid shouted "political props." Gretch claimed that the kids "don't know what they're saying" and that's "offensive." She agreed with Johnson that they should be taught the Pledge of Allegiance or parts of the Constitution. She repeated that "they don't really know what they're talking about." (LOL, and you do?) So as not to be accused of bashing the kids, Johnson said they're "wonderful" and "America's best" but "to put kids in a political message like that, what are we trying to say."

Comment: Well golly gosh, gee whiz, the gang on the curvy couch just loved CNBC host Joe Kernen's daughter who provided the basis for Kernen's book, "Your Teacher Said What" which is a critique of all those evil, librul teachers who hate capitalism and support radical commie-pinko ideas like protecting the environment. The Fox friends positively gushed over 11 year old Blake Kernen who is on the cover of Kernan's book and who promoted her defense of capitalism from liberal bias message on Fox & Friends and Hannity. And how bout the Friends providing a platform for the politicial views of right wing wunderkinder, Jonathan Krohn who was a star of the 2009 CPAC. And how bout when Gretchen Carlson gave a disgruntled 11 year old California student a full segment during which he bashed the California educational system and accused his female teachers of being man haters and his male teachers of being castrated.

So for Fox & Friends to allege that liberals (and Van Jones) are using kids for a political agenda, shows that yes, they do "got hypocrisy!"

Using kids for political purposes?



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