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Sean Hannity’s Solution For Economic Woes And Prevent London Riots From Happening Here: Work Harder And Give Up Social Safety Nets

Reported by Ellen - August 11, 2011 -

Sean Hannity is very concerned about The American Dream. On Tuesday night’s show (8/9/11), he told guest Mark Steyn (the visionary who said, “I don't think it's possible for anyone who looks at Iraq honestly to see it as anything other than a success story.”), “I fear that The American Dream, the America I grew up in is, is vanishing before my eyes… Americans are soft, we’ve gotten spoiled, self-indulgent. We’ve lost that hard work ethic. I see it a lot. I see it a real lot. Nobody wants to work as hard as – my parents and grandparents – you know, they didn’t have any option. There was no safety net. They didn’t have, you know, family money to fall back on.”

Wednesday night (8/10/11), Hannity blamed a social safety net for the London riots and for his prediction that they could happen here.

He was joined in that “cut social safety nets as the key to safety” thinking by Fox Business’ Sandra Smith, of “White Hizzy” fame.

Smith said, “I’m just disgusted by this… I mean, have you seen the things that these rioters are asking for? They’re asking for the right to housing! I mean, for gosh sake. They’re asking for free education from the age of three on up! It’s unreasonable!”

Hannity, of course, agreed. “…This is now an entitlement mentality. And that is, we’re gonna give you health care, we’re gonna give you housing, we’re gonna give you transportation… 15% of Americans are on foodstamps, Kirsten (Powers, the Democratic guest)! …We’re gonna be $25 trillion in debt and it’s all because we cannot fulfill these promises! This is coming to America!"

Both Hannity and Smith groaned as Powers said she thinks people are entitled to education.

Hannity later said, “My grandparents came from Ireland at the turn of the last century. They entered America broke. They had no money in their pocket, not a dime. They worked their fingers to the bone and they were happy because of freedom… The cradle-to-grave society is unsustainable. …What’s happened here is we have conditioned people to look to the government to be their answer for every problem they have and take zero responsibility.”

I’m sure Hannity will make sure his own two children have the “freedom” of paying for their own education, paying for their own housing and their own health insurance. Heck, why should they even lose the “freedom” of being responsible for all their own medical bills the moment they reach age 16. That’s how Hannity’s grandparents lived, right?

You can contact Hannity and urge him to cut his own children loose - maybe find a sweatshop now because those child labor laws are just so restrictive - so the kids can really learn to love responsibility and liberty, at Hannity@foxnews.com.

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