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Predictably, Fox News Uses London Riots To Blame The Left

Reported by Guest Blogger - August 10, 2011 -

By Brian

Yesterday’s Your World hosted conservative Nile Gardiner in a transparent effort to use the London riots as political fodder against the left. In his introduction, host Neil Cavuto began by accusing others of turning the story into “class warfare” and mentioned a “left-leaning lawmaker blaming the violence on rich bankers and others saying conservative policies are the culprit.” As we’ve come to expect from Fox, that was an opening for the “fair and balanced” network to launch an attack on the left. Updated with video.

Gardiner, of the Margaret Thatcher Center of the Heritage Foundation, didn’t miss his cue. "This has nothing at all to do with poverty, austerity measures, government cuts. This has everything to do with lawlessness, with criminal behavior," he said by way of dismissing any anti-austerity sentiments. He finished by saying, "We cannot allow in any way this sort of behavior to be excused by the far left. And let's face it, the left is continually trying to find excuses for violent criminal behavior. We're seeing that today in the United Kingdom, we’ve seen it across Europe, we’re even seeing it in the United States as well, where the left has justified acts of sheer anarchy in the past."

Gardiner didn't give any examples. Nor did Cavuto challenge him for any. Meanwhile, Gardiner might want to read this article from Yahoo in which citizens blame spending cuts, and the economy for the riots.

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