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Fox News Facebook Fans Want To Kill Atheists

Reported by Priscilla - August 9, 2011 -

As we've seen with the denizens of the Fox News hate site, "Fox Nation," those who reside in "real" America are proud pro-life, conservative Christians who have no compunction about posting death threats to those groups and those people (President Obama) deemed anathema by Fox News. These wannabe mass murderers are also attracted to the Fox News Facebook page which recently posted an article about the atheists who are filing suit against the "Ground Zero Cross" - a topic which has generated a good healthy does of atheist bashing by the good Christians on Fox News. In response to the Facebook article, the pitchfork crowd reacted predictably. Over 8,000 death threats were posted. The moderators of the Fox Facebook page scrubbed the comments but "One Man's Blog" got some screen shots. There's an old saying about being known for the company you keep. In Fox's case, it should be an embarrassment. But as they keep on fomenting real American hatred and divisiveness, I suspect it isn't a problem at all!

H/T Right Wing Watch

The first comment is a variant of the battle cry of the Catholic crusaders as they were butchering Cathar "heretic" men, women, and children in the city of Narbonne: "Kill them all, God will know his own." There is rich irony in these comments as these are the same folks who claim that Muslims are homicidal!


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