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Mike Huckabee's Video Mystery Smoke Man?

Reported by Priscilla - August 8, 2011 -

The visual medium can be very tricky. What one perceives is affected by a number of factors which vary from person to person. Thus, one person's toasted bread is another person's portrait of Jesus. As anybody who watches "Mad Men" knows, the function of the advertising industry is to create images that alter perception and encourage folks to buy a product. Some of this imagery is considered "subliminal" - i.e. "any sensory stimuli below an individual's absolute threshold for conscious perception." In addition to selling his videos, Mike Huckabee is also selling right wing propaganda disguised as "educational" material for children. So that's why I'm questioning what appears to be an image in a freeze framed shot of the smoke billowing out of the Trade Towers on Huckabee's newest "educational" video about 9-11. Is it a generic brown person? (In right wing world, brown people are enemies of "real" Americans) Is it a generic brown Muslim person? Is it a generic brown Satan? Is it Obama who, for many in the rabid right wing, is a specific brown Satan? Or am I just blowing smoke? You be the judge!



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