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Greg Gutfeld, Not a Hamburger Clown, Defends McDonald's From "Food Freaks"

Reported by Priscilla - August 6, 2011 -

When Fox News has a right wing meme that needs to be "out there," it's reinforced on a variety of news and opinion shows. One of the cannons of today's right wing is that any attempts to thwart the God given rights of godly American children to stuff non nutritious McDonald's "food" into their increasingly widening abdominal areas is an abomination. The same folks who rail about having to pay for birth control have not a care in the world about the health care costs, borne by the government and those who have private plans, attributed to childhood obesity. Those who would seek to provide better nutrition for kids are seen as "food police" - a meme that Fox News is all to happy to advance. When San Francisco took action against the marketing of "Happy Meals" toys, Fox was on it. (here, here, here) Recently, when McDonald's announced healthy changes to its "Happy Meals," Fox & Friends "thanked" the "food police" for cutting into McDonald's profits because, they suggested, kids won't want "Happy Meals" anymore. And while Fox & Friends is a joke, Fox's Red Eye, a right wing propaganda vehicle disguised as a "comedy" show (something which non "fair & balanced" news networks CNN and MSNBC don't have), also jumped on the "food police" bandwagon. Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld's "food freaks" rant clearly was part of the right wing/Fox News world view that freedom's just another word for nothing left to eat.

On July 27th, former altar boy Greg Gutfeld pitched the Fox/right wing script with his "joking" about how McDonald's adding apples to the Happy Meals was like "listening to Enya," or "finding out that John Wayne did yoga." He claimed that McDonald's assertion that the change was due to health concerns was merely an obfuscation of the role of "food freaks" who have "hounded" McDonald's and "blamed them for everything from obesity to leprosy." (Yeah, Greg, people eat too much McDonald's and they get fat.) He wasn't being funny when he pitched the scripted talking point: "It's a travesty. McDonald's has done more for the world in terms of serving affordable, delicious food than anyone ever on the planet." He continued his paeans for McDonald's: "See, McDonald's is my hero, for they represent everything that's amazing about America. They made something irreplaceable, and made it available to all. And now they're getting punished through a harassment campaign run by people who hate success, not fries." He worked in the perfunctory attack on Michelle Obama who campaigns for childhood nutrition: It's like Michelle Obama. Oh, she'll condemn fast food. But later, she'll be eating those fries." He finished with a joke about how nobody likes apples.

Comment: Once again, Greg's "Greg-a-logue" was so funny I forgot to laugh. Once again, Fox News, through its "comedy" is not presenting the whole story which is that McDonald's is replacing half the fried with apple slices. The caloric value of this meal hasn't changed all that much. On MSNBC's "Morning Joe," there was some joking about this; but it wasn't part of the overall agenda. Greg Gutfeld's "comedy" clearly was. His praise for McDonald's was more of a commercial than a comedy routine. (Some courtesy Big Macs in Greg's future?). But there is some delicious irony in the fact that America's fattest kids are located in southern states. The thinnest kids are in those librul elite states - so maybe Fox News is just playing to a key demographic which loves its McDonald's almost as much as Jesus. (Didn't he feed the multitudes with Quarter Pounders?). But one thing is for sure - Ronald McDonald might be America's favorite hamburger clown; but Greg Gutfeld is Fox's primo joker!

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