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Fox Trots Out Michele Bachmann To Attack Obama Over S&P Credit Rating Downgrade

Reported by Ellen - August 6, 2011 -

After the unfair, imbalanced analysis of the credit rating downgrade that opened On The Record last night (8/5/11), Fox News brought on Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann in a blatant ploy that guaranteed that a) Obama would get blamed for the downgrade, b) the role of Republicans in the credit ratings' devaluation would be overlooked and c) Bachmann’s GOP candidacy would get some good PR. Host Greta Van Susteren could have helped challenge what she surely knew would be Bachmann’s partisan, self-serving anti-Obama agenda. Instead, she enabled it.

As I previously posted, S&P specifically noted Republicans’ “political brinksmanship” in its decision to downgrade the rating. But Bachmann blithely ignored that. “This president has destroyed the credit rating of the United States… President Obama is destroying the foundations of our economy one seam at a time,” she accused – as Van Susteren listened without challenge.

Van Susteren did point out that “we’ve been spending like drunken sailors, my apology to sailors” before Obama took office. But she seemed to have no problem with the tenor or inflammatory nature of Bachmann’s comments.

Of course, Bachmann’s uncompromising stance on the debt deal was just the kind of “political brinkmanship” that S&P cited in its explanation of the downgrade. But Van Susteren either didn’t know, didn’t care or deliberately refrained from bringing it up.

However, Van Susteren did have time to draw out Bachmann on whether or not Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner should be fired and why.

There was no Democratic spokesperson on at any time.

Update: Bachmann is on Fox News again right now saying more or less the same things as she did on On The Record.

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