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The Five: Islamophobia On Parade

Reported by Aunty Em - August 5, 2011 -

On the Wednesday edition of The Five—no better than any other weekday edition of The Five, which is still the worst show on tee vee—Fox “News” Islamophobia was front and center in a segment that was ostensibly about a documentary called “Sacrificed Survivors: The Untold Story of the Ground Zero Mosque.” Apparently the film has run into some trouble. According to Eric Bolling the producers of the film, “have been denied permits to screen the film in New York, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg citing content concerns. Hmmm. I doubt Rudy would have an issue with that film.” And, while it looked, at first, as if the segment was going to be about First Amendment Rights and film censorship, The Five pivoted immediately into hate-mongering and Islamophobia with no time for any Constitutional issues. Watch their disgusting comments:

Here’s what The Five is not telling you and why they are lying again, and not just because their lips are moving. First of all they left out the little tidbit that the documentary was produced by The Christian Action Network, the motto of which is “Protecting America’s Religious and Moral Heritage.” Obviously the film is going to have a particular point of view. From its web site:

You'll weep with the families as they recount their last, horrifying minutes on the phone with their loved ones. You'll hear about untold acts of heroism and escape. You'll see secret, undercover footage of the radical leader of the mosque, Imam Rauf, leading services inside the mosque building. And you'll understand the true, radical agenda of those behind the mosque -- the imam, the developer, the financial backers, and the followers who are already attending Islamic services at Ground Zero.

From the Producers of "HOMEGROWN JIHAD" and "ISLAM RISING," "SACRIFICED SURVIVORS" tells the story you haven't heard on the news. As one family member states: "The pain will never go away."

Even that should not preclude the movie from being shown in NYC…First Amendment Rights being supreme, and all that. However, that’s not what’s really happening here either and why The Five couldn’t and wouldn’t talk about the Constitution. Furthermore, Mayor Bloomberg is not part of any controversy about the movie, and has not cited content concerns, despite what Eric Bolling may tell you. Bloomberg just happens to head up the city where this controversy is happening. What IS true, and what The Five conveniently left out, is that it’s the city’s Parks and Recreation Department that has denied the producers the permits necessary to show the movie in city parks. It’s not a city-wide ban. Presumably the producers, like the producers of any other movie, are free to show the movie in a, err, movie theater designed for the showing of, umm, movies.

I’ll concede that the Parks and Rec Dept. has issued serial reasons for denying the producers permits to show the movies in parks. Taken together, the excuses seem specious. An argument might be made that the producers are being treated unfairly and the American Center for Law and Justice is making that exact argument, fighting to have this park ban overturned. While the ACLJ has a name similar to the American Civil Liberties Union, there is nothing similar about the two organizations. According to Right Wing Watch the ACLJ:

Founded by Pat Robertson, the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) and its Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow quickly established themselves as key players in the right-wing movement, litigating a variety of cases at all levels, including the Supreme Court. The ACLJ has been particularly active in fighting marriage equality and defending the Pledge of Allegiance, while Sekulow has maintained very close ties to the Bush White House and played a central role in pushing for the confirmation of Supreme Court Justices Roberts and Alito.

The ACLJ [link found wherever good links are found] is also fighting against Planned Parenthood and for the so-called Ground Zero Cross.

While this segment on The Five could have been an interesting examination of First Amendment Rights in the 21st Century, instead the jokers on The Five used it to whip up more Islamophobia and hysteria over the Park 51 Cultural Center. However, that’s to be expected on the worst program on tee vee.