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Multimillionaire Hannity In A Snit That Some Of “His Money” Will Go For Birth Control

Reported by Ellen - August 5, 2011 -

Sean Hannity is in such a snit about new rules mandating that health insurers cover birth control, you’d think it was coming out of his pocket directly. Given that Hannity almost surely obtains his health insurance from his employer, the real cost to him is remote and dubious. Something tells me nobody will have to scrimp at the Hannity waterfront estate in Long Island as a result. But even worse, in typical Hannity/Fox News fashion, rather than just argue his opinion, he made a big, splashy show of using it to demonize the opposing side. In solidarity, Fox News producers displayed a graphic saying, “Universal NIGHTMARE” during the segment.

“If people want to engage in activity – at what point do we say people have got to be responsible for their own behavior?” Hannity asked. For extra political-theater points, he later said,

If you want to go out and choose, make the choice to take off one article of clothing, the next one, the next one, the next one, get naked and have sex – if you want to do that, then go get your own birth control. I shouldn’t have to pay for it. …I am not out there screwing around with people. I’ve been happily married for 18 years… Why should other people pay for this when they’re not engaging in the activity… Why can’t they take responsibility for their own life?

What Hannity was suggesting was that birth control is only used by irresponsible sluts as opposed to married couples who maybe can’t afford a child. Or even worse, have medical reasons for wanting to make sure the wife doesn’t get pregnant.

Not surprisingly, guest Kimberly Guilfoyle made a similar point, while pretending to be an advocate for the poor. She said, “Alcohol, drug use, etc. that’s what contributes to unwanted pregnancies and you know what I find particularly offensive? This is saying that poor people can’t make good decisions about how to protect themselves sexually, that we’re gonna have to just pay for it anyway, that they’re not gonna be able to manage their own life but people with money can.”

With all due respect, Kimberly, while you hold yourself up as caring about the poor (and using that as an excuse to avoid giving them any money that isn’t even likely to come out of your own pocket) what you’re really saying is that poor people use birth control because they engage in irresponsible behavior.

But speaking of irresponsible behavior, why should I have to pay for any treatment for Hannity’s hardened arteries or diabetes or any other outcomes of his eating one Big Mac, the next one, the next one, etc. which he says he loves? And why should any of my hard-earned tax dollars go toward wear and tear caused by his overweight Cadillac Escalade on U.S. highways?

The answer is because we’re all Americans living in what is supposed to be the United States of America, despite Hannity’s continual efforts to tear us apart.

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