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Bill O'Reilly Preaches Christian Love??? That's Right, Bill O'Reilly!!!

Reported by Priscilla - August 5, 2011 -

Prior to the English Reformation, Henry VIII was awarded the title "Defender of the Faith" because of his defense of Roman Catholicism. The current "Il Papa" should consider bestowing the same honorific on Papa Bear Bill O'Reilly who lately has been defending Christianity from those evil liberals (read NY Times) who are attacking it. America's daddy was positively apoplectic about the accused Norwegian shooter, Anders Breivik being identified as a "Christian terrorist" because, according to Catholic theologian Bill O'Reilly, if you do bad things, you can't be a Christian - a position which might strip Bill of his Catholic status as his constant denunciation (a bad thing) of Dr. George Tiller, as a "baby killer," fuelled the fires of hatred which resulted in Tiller's assassination by a man who was clearly motivated by Christian zeal, twisted though it might have been. And last night, Pope (or is it Mullah) Bill defended his "God" against evil liberal pollsters who polled a question on the popularity of "God" who, the patriarchal Bill informs us, is a "he." And while God, as O'Reilly noted, polled well, Bill didn't tell us that Rupert Murdoch polled the lowest (12%)!

At the beginning of last night's "Culture Warrior" segment, Bill reported on a Public Policy Polling question: "If God exists, do you approve of its performance?" Bill immediately admonished the pollsters by using the "his" as, according to theologian Bill, "the masculine pronoun takes precedence." (Bill doesn't realize that not believers worship a male, Middle Eastern sky god). Bill added that the polling agency is liberal (It is affiliated with Demcrats); but he didn't mention that the poll sample included all ranges of political affiliation. He cited the 52% approval figure and said, in reference to "God," that "he'll be happy to hear that." Former Miss America and one of God's BFF's, Gretchen Carlson said that the poll was "stupid" because they "called God 'it'." She wanted to know what area of God's performance was being judged and berated those who blame God for their problems. Bill got all theological when he said that there has always been a question of how a just God could allow bad things to happen. (Right, if there were a just God would she allow Bill to continue to spew his lies and hate on national TV? Just saying...) Bill agreed with Carlson that the question is irrelevant.

Margaret Hoover (who has recently appeared on evil, liberal MSNBC) joked that God was doing better than Obama and Boehner. Bill said that if he had been asked the question he would have said that he wasn't smart enough to pass judgment on God and would "let God be God." (He's obviously smart enough to pass judgment on a whole bunch of others with whom he does not agree!) After Bill asked if they thought that the question was bogus, uber Christian warrior Gretchen worked in the requisite, right wing Christian meme about how poor, ole God has been "pushed out of so many critical debates in our society." (Even God is a victim on Fox News) She opened her eyes wide when she added "maybe that's why more and more people don't think that God's performance rating is good." O'Reilly referenced how he's a Christian (and Fox wonders why Christians get bashed!) and how he doesn't "want to be an evangelist," but "if everybody practiced the Judeo-Christian tradition of loving your neighbor as yourself, we'd have a better world."

Comment: Bill O'Reilly would do well to heed his own words, as he neither talks the talk, nor walks the walk.(Bless him fatha, for he has sinned?) Next time he attacks somebody, he should be reminded of his sage advice. Go in peace, thanks be to Fox News.


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