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To Deny Climate Change Fox and Friends Attack SpongeBob SquarePants

Reported by Aunty Em - August 4, 2011 -

It’s hard to know what the people at Fox “News” really believe on the topic of Climate Change. That’s because Managing Editor Bill Sammon, way back in 2009, sent out a memo to all Fox producers with the edict that on-air personalities should never talk about Global Warming without adding that the science is not settled and there are scientists who disagree. This has created doubt among viewers and a kind of schizophrenia within the company. Several years ago (now embattled) News Corp. boss Rupert Murdoch embraced environmental concerns by declaring the company’s goal was to become carbon-neutral and they need to change the message. Maybe this is what they mean by “Fair & Balanced”: While the Big Boss preaches one thing, Lesser Boss Bill Sammon demands another. The Friends on the Curvy Couch are obviously siding with Sammon, as they attacked SpongeBob SquarePants to deny Climate Change once again. Ironically it comes during one of the greatest heat waves in recorded history. Watch:

Video courtesy Media Matters

The Right Wing has worked overtime to muddy the waters when it comes to Climate Change. Recently Media Matters posted an article “Climate Science Once Again Twisted Beyond Recognition By Conservative Media.” Furthermore, its article on this silly SpongeBob controversy includes a section called “Notion That Humans Are Changing Climate Is Not Controversial Among Mainstream Scientists.” However, none of that carries any ice with the Three Stooges on the Curvy Couch as they attacked SpongeBob and Nickelodeon for only telling one side of the story. Not surprisingly Fox and Friends is only telling one side of the story about SpongeBob. According to Jason Easley at Politicususa:

What Fox News showed viewers was a 6 year old short which debuted on TBS in 2005, but what they were really talking about was a book SpongeBob Goes Green: An Earth Friendly Adventure which came out in 2009. Even though the Fox and Friends crew was discussing a book, they never mentioned the fact that the SpongeBob short isn’t part of the television show.

However, the biggest news broken during this segment on Fox and Friends is just how thick former-beauty queen Gretchen Carlson really is. She tacitly admitted her children are smarter than she is when she said, “Well we all know that SpongeBob is popular with kids and for the life of me I still keep trying to figure out why. My kids watch limited TV, but every time they choose that show, I’m like why. Anyway, it’s hard to even follow sometimes.” I’ll give Easley the last word:

FNC was sending the message that their viewers shouldn’t let their kids watch that liberal propagandist SpongeBob, who also happens to be ratings juggernaut that has more viewers per episode than any Fox News program.