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Fox News Almost Surely Knows Palin Not Running For President And Is Pretending Otherwise

Reported by Ellen - August 4, 2011 -

Mark at News Corpse has a great post about the fictitious candidacy of Sarah Palin being promoted at Fox News. Mark notes: She has no campaign staff; no organization in early primary states; no press office. Polls place her near the bottom of the pack and losing to President Obama by 20 points. She is not engaging in public appearances. In fact, her much ballyhooed national bus tour was aborted after just six days without ever making it off the east coast. Yet Fox News continues to fuel speculation that she might run, as she coyly plays along.

This is not just a tease for ratings. It's a manipulation of an electoral cycle for the sake of their own gain and that of keeping Palin relevant.

Mark concludes:

It is long past time for Fox to come clean and reveal what they know about Palin’s alleged candidacy. And in the unlikely event that she really is undecided, then Fox should suspend her just as they did Gingrich and Santorum.

You can contact Fox and demand that they come clean about Palin at yourcomments@foxnews.com.

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