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Fox Ignores FAA Shutdown While Attacking Obama’s Birthday Party

Reported by Ellen - August 4, 2011 -

If you only watched Fox News during prime time last night, you could be forgiven for not knowing that Republican intransigence caused Congress to recess for a month without funding the Federal Aviation Administration – thereby furloughing and laying off thousands of workers, halting construction projects and causing safety workers remaining on the job to do so without pay. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has asked Congress to "End your vacation for a couple days, get off the beach, get out of your mobile homes or whatever you are traveling in, get back to Washington… and pass a bill." Surely this story has everything a news network could love – unless you’re the kind of news network that’s more interested in promoting an anti-Democratic/pro-Republican agenda. In that case, attacking President Obama as insensitive for holding a lavish birthday party is the more important story.

Sean Hannity made the most of the birthday party, complaining that with the debt, the high unemployment rate and the stock market plunging, “Perhaps the president could find a better way to spend his time. However yet again, he is turning his back on the American people and the struggling economy.” Well, it takes one to know one, eh?

There was actually a debate on this “controversy” featuring Juan Williams and Star Parker. Parker hyperventilated about “class warfare” and “poor people are not poor because rich people are rich,” and how we need to have “an honest discussion” about Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security as if that had anything to do with the matter.

Hannity accused Williams of wanting “to take a bat to my head” in order to force him to pay more taxes. When Williams took exception to such language from his “friend,” Hannity asked, in his bullyboy voice, “Are you calling me a liar, Juan?”

Williams did a fine job. Near the end, at about 4:50 into the second video, Williams said, “You know what you should make a big deal out of? The fact that Republicans are gone from town, they’re not coming back tonight. They left the FAA totally dysfunctional and threatening this country.”

Hannity – the same Hannity who whined about Obama’s lack of sensitivity to economic conditions - didn’t care about furloughed workers, workers working without pay, construction workers laid off, etc. No, Hannity said smugly, “That means we’re all safe. When Washington’s on vacation, our wallets are safe.” As if Hannity’s multimillion dollar fortune was ever at risk.

Parker beamed. “There’s a freedom in the city, the politicians are gone.”

Proof positive that Hannity’s and Parker’s only real interest in struggling people was in using them to attack President Obama.

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