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With The Debt Ceiling Negotiations Over, Fox Ratchets Up Its War On Democrats

Reported by Ellen - August 3, 2011 -

It’s absolutely astounding to me how discussions there have been on Fox News about Vice President Biden’s allegedly calling the Tea Party “terrorists.” Never mind that Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn likened President Obama to a “tar baby.” As Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity demonstrated last night, there's nothing too awful that can be said about Obama, as far as Fox is concerned. But this particular lack of balance goes way beyond political bias. It’s Item A on Fox News’ political agenda: declaring war on Democrats.

As Jon Stewart so ably illustrated last week, the Fox News preferred technique is to make itself the victim and then use that grudge as an excuse to savage any opponents. Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin played that fiddle to shameful, hypocritical perfection last night as they used Biden’s “insult” as a distracting precursor to portraying President Obama as the “real” terrorist.

But “looking out for you” Bill O’Reilly was not to be outdone in what Stewart called the GOP Special Victims Unit department.

“The far left in America is once again trying to marginalize the Tea Party in the eyes of non-ideological Americans,” O’Reilly intoned in his Talking Points segment last night, called “Terrorism and the Tea Party.” For extra hate mongering points, he threw Van Jones into the mix. I guess with Beck gone, somebody has to keep savaging him.

Echoing Hannity and Palin (and a Bernie Goldberg comment from the night before), O’Reilly sneered, “Many on the far left refused to even mention jihad when real Muslims strike.” Interestingly, O'Reilly's written-out comments, which appeared on the screen as he spoke used the word “terrorists” instead of “Muslims.” But what the heck, O’Reilly fans know there isn’t much of a difference. And it doesn’t much matter, what with Fox News reprising its “Obama as Muslim” meme.

Then, it was time for Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer to go on the offense, though he painted the left as pitiful losers who had nothing but ad hominem attacks and name calling to go on. I wonder if Krauthammer got a gander at Hannity and Palin last night, speaking of ad hominem attacks.

O’Reilly, however, argued that it’s “coordination” via email blasts of talking points. “Here’s why I think it’s important,” O’Reilly continued. “If you repeat a lie often enough, in some people’s minds, it becomes the truth… They tried it with the racist deal… Now, they’re saying, ‘They’re economic terrorists.’”

So here’s the “balance” on Fox: Either the left are waging a coordinated attack on the Tea Party or a pathetic attack on the Tea Party. Or to put it another way, heads the right wing wins or tails the left loses.

It’s the same call over and over and over.

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