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The Five Salivate Over YouTube’s “Average Small Business Owner” Who Isn’t

Reported by Ellen - August 3, 2011 -

As our Priscilla discovered yesterday, Fox & Friends’ recent fave YouTube Tea Party guy, Jim Garvin, is not exactly the “average guy” he and Fox would have you believe. In fact, he’s the chief operating officer of what looks like a rather sophisticated consulting service. He’s also the founder of "an investment banking and international project management group” whose website boasts about handling projects whose value exceeds $400 million. Priscilla also noted that Garvin is an evangelical Christian, a US team member of "Harvest Evangelism" which is "a network of Christian leaders all over Argentina who have a vision and faith for nation transformation, focusing the Church outside of the four walls to pastor entire cities." It is an arm of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce. But after Fox & Friends slobbered over Garvin, so did The Five – with the same “regular guy” baloney. Yet somehow, neither of them bothered to find out – or if they did it was left unsaid – who and what Garvin really is.

Although Garvin was a guest on Fox & Friends, The Five only got his YouTube video. But that was enough for Andrea Tantaros. She cooed, “I love you, too,” after playing it. Even though she apparently knew nothing about him other than his tea party-like stance.

Monica Crowley assured a somewhat skeptical Bob Beckel that Garvin was the real deal. She likened him to the airplane passenger who challenged the TSA by saying, “Don’t touch my junk." Crowley added, “it’s where most of where the American people are.”

Actually, it’s not where most of the American people are. Most Americans wanted to see taxes as part of the debt ceiling package.

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