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The Five Finds Glenn Beck’s Long Lost Prop Closet

Reported by Aunty Em - August 3, 2011 -

As the former-Fox “News” Fear-Monger-in-Chief Glenn Beck was winding down his show, after being unceremoniously dumped by the so-called “Fair and Balanced” network, he warned us that we would be begging for the time that he was only on tee vee one hour a day. I have yet to hear any begging for Glenn Beck’s return, especially after he compared the victims of Norway’s horrendous massacre to the Hitler Youth. Yet The Five—still the worst show on television—must be worried that the ghost of Glenn Beck could be returning to haunt their hour-long, 5-day a week, audition tape. Nothing else explains why they have broken into Glenn Beck’s Crazy Prop Closet™. Here’s Eric Bolling presenting Bob Beckel with a giant teabag, the perfect symbol for those who feel they got teabagged by the debt deal. Enjoy the absurdity:

Video courtesy Media Matters

The same show had another prop: a Satan sandwich. I was about to say that when The Five starts boiling fake frogs, you know they’ve jumped the shark…except for two things: 1). They jumped the shark on their very first show; 2). It’s Shark Week on the Discovery Network and such a comment would be unfair to real sharks.