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No Questions About Twitter Controversy During Gingrich Interview With O’Reilly

Reported by Ellen - August 2, 2011 -

The internet was, pardon the pun, atwitter yesterday over allegations by an anonymous former staffer to Newt Gingrich that most of his ballyhooed Twitter followers are fake. Gingrich has denied the claim. I can just imagine what kind of relentless scrutiny and snark this would have engendered on Fox News had it been, say, Nancy Pelosi or nearly any other Democrat. But I didn't hear a mention about it anywhere on Fox prime time last night – even during an interview with Gingrich on The O’Reilly Factor that same night.

Gingrich appeared on the show to attack Democrats discuss the debt ceiling deal. He sneered that “left-wing Democrats just don’t understand free enterprise” or “small business,” to which O’Reilly interrupted to disagree. According to O’Reilly, “It’s not that they don’t understand it, they don’t like it. They don’t want it.”

But no questions about the Twitter issue, even though Gingrich is still running for president and boasts about how many followers he has as some kind of proof of his stealth popularity.

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