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Fox & Friends Guest, "Jim Garvin," Just A "Small Business Owner?"

Reported by Priscilla - August 2, 2011 -

Move over Joe the Plumber. It looks like the teabaggers might have a new hero. Joe's replacement could be "Jim Garvin," the "small business owner" whose You Tube rant, "Are You Kidding Me," is making the rounds of the right wing, teabagging blogosphere. Though this self proclaimed " just an average guy" claims that he's fed up with party politics, he seems to direct his frustration in the direction of leading Democrats so he might be a wee bit partisan. He clearly doesn't like taxes, including those on corporate jets. So given his politics, it wasn't surprising to see this small business "Joe Hill" (Oh, wait, Joe Hill was a union member. Sorry) on this morning's Fox & Friends where his message and video were promoted. But while Joe the Plumber wasn't doing any plumbing, he was still clearly an average blue collar Joe - unlike Mr. Garvin whose claim to be just a Florida "small business owner," while ever so humble, might be a bit open to debate.

In introducing Jim Garvin, Fox's Peter Johnson Jr. said that "we found his video on You Tube" which articulates the anti-tax message "much better than we can." He added "we liked his message so much that we tracked him down." He introduced "Jim Garvin" from Tampa Florida. Garvin was given a platform from which to preach the same gospel that he preached on his video. At no point did either he or Johnson identify what "small business he owns." So that got me curious and I did a little digging.

"Jim Garvin" is Dr. James Garvin. He is "the chief operating officer with the Leedom Group. He brings more than 30 years experience in the financial services marketplace and has served on the governing boards of a number of international companies. According to Leedom Financial Services, which verified that he was today's Fox & Friends guest, the company offers "a very competitive program to provide capital for mature Buy Here – Pay Here dealers across the country with up to a five year commitment for dealers with strong operating results.The firm expects to fund $300 million in loans over the next 12 months. LFS can provide receivable based financing for Buy Here – Pay Here dealers with capital needs ranging $2 million to $50 million. Through its parent company, Leedom and Associates, LLC, LFS is able to provide real information to help its clients better analyze and run their business."

Garvin is also the founder of Obed Corporation which is "an investment banking and international project management group." On his Obed webpage, Garvin is described as the "Obed team leader "who has over a quarter century of experience in the international marketplace. His relationships extend throughout Europe, the Far East and the United States. Gabriel Obrador heads the International Energy Management Group; his experience also spans the globe from the United States, Africa, South America and to Europe." (Hmm, wonder if he has his own corporate jet?)

Garvin's other cred might be another reason for why Fox News is showing him some love. He's an evangelical Christian who is a US team member of "Harvest Evangelism" which is "a network of Christian leaders all over Argentina who have a vision and faith for nation transformation, focusing the Church outside of the four walls to pastor entire cities." It is an arm of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce."

Comment: Just an average "small business owner?"

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