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Fox News Trumpets Winners And Losers In Debt Ceiling Fight

Reported by Ellen - August 1, 2011 -

As a debt-ceiling compromise drew near, a special Sunday Special Report offered a discussion between host Bret Baier and Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt in which they named the winners and losers in the debt ceiling fight. But discussion wasn't enough. Fox put up banners on the screen to emphasize the news. Guess who won and who lost?

As Stirewalt explained that Senator Rand Paul who, along with Senator Mitch McConnell, had been “pummeling Harry Reid,” a banner read, “THE TEA PARTY EFFECT” and “WINNER: SEN RAND PAUL.”

Next were the “pragmatic” Republican Congressmen Raul Labrador and Allen West (you remember West - the guy who told Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz to shut the heck up. That’s winning behavior on Fox – if you’re a Republican). “WINNERS: WEST AND LABRADOR,” read the next banner.

“Anyone (else) stand out?” Baier asked.

“Certainly believers in stimulus, believers in demand-side economics, Paul Krugman from the New York Times," Stirewalt continued. "They’ve taken a rather bad beating in all of this because the president’s walked away from ‘em. This is a guy who was talking about winning the future in January with big investments. Now, as members of the Democratic Caucus have pointed out, he was the one who initiated a discussion about cutting Social Security as part of an effort to get a grand bargain.” The banner read: “LOSER: STIMULUS BELIEVERS.”

Stirewalt said, “I guess somewhere, Milton Friedman is smiling.” Stirewalt smiled along with him. Baier sounded like he was smiling, too, though I couldn’t see his face, as he said, “I guess so.”

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