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Fox News, Fox Nation, NY Post Gang Up On Atheists

Reported by Priscilla - August 1, 2011 -

On a list of groups reviled by the right wing and its Murdoch media mouthpieces, Fox News, Fox Nation, and the NY Post, atheists are almost on the same level as Muslims. The "controversy" surrounding the "Ground Zero Mosque" was ginned up by the aforementioned media outlets that were all too eager to fuel the fires of bigotry and hatred which make, in comparison, the Hearst yellow journalism look quite pale. While the "Ground Zero Cross" doesn't have the same possibility for the type of media circuses that Murdoch specializes in, it represents a propaganda twofer in that it attacks the hated atheists while reminding folks about those evil Muslims. Fox News has done two very predictable segments on the cross shaped beams found at "Ground Zero," during which the preponderance of discussion was all about those evil atheists. Now, Fox Nation has an article sourced from - wait for it - the NY Post. The article, which is predictably anti-atheist, is by the "perpetually outraged columnist Andrea Peyser whose anti-mosque columns were regularly teased" on the front page of the NY Post. The Murdoch empire is at war, again!

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