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Fox & Friends Promotes Bogus Meme: MSM's Anti-Christian, Pro-Islam Bias

Reported by Priscilla - August 1, 2011 -

Jon Stewart wisely said that "conservative victimization is the true genius of what Fox News has accomplished." This axiom was clearly demonstrated on Fox "News" which worked zealously to defend Christianity after the evil NY Times described, accurately, the accused Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik as being a Christian. Stewart then did a brilliant piece about how Fox was, once again, promoting conservative Christian victimization which relies heavily on the trope that Christianity is the last acceptable bias. Fox News, however, as demonstrated in their ongoing Islam bashing, finds anti-Islamic bias quite acceptable while at the same time they criticize the mainstream media for being anti-Christian and pro-Islam. This meme was advanced on the week-end Fox & Friends when right wing author Tim Groseclose peddled the lie that the media, who described Breivik as a Christian, are ignoring the fact that the Fort Hood copycat is a Muslim - and that's a lie. This morning, on Fox & Friends, Gretchen Carlson and Peter Johnson, Jr. continued the victimization theme in their interview with Tim Groseclose about this bogus bias by the evil MSM. It's interesting - Anders Breivik would love to see a new "crusade" against Islam and multi-culturalism, both of which he loathes. Doesn't sound all that different from the ideology of the good Christian crusaders on Fox News!

Peter Johnson, Jr. reported that accused Fort Hood plotter Pfc. Nasser Abdo "admitted that he's behind a failed plot but he also claims his Muslim faith played a large role in his relationship with the US Army." A large red Islamic cross and star were placed behind photos of Abdo. Gretchen Carlson wanted to know "why the mainstream media is downplaying religion in that case while focusing on the right wing Christian views of the Norway shoooter." She introduced her guest Tim Groseclose, the author of "Left Turn, How the Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind." (Fox News doesn't do any distorting?) No pro-Muslim bias in the chyron: "Terror Plot Thwarted, Muslim Soldier Planned to Attack Fort Hood." (But Anders Breivik can't be described as Christian, oh no...) Gretch showed visuals of NY Times headlines in which Breivik was identified as a "Christian terrorist" as opposed to Abdo who was described as a soldier. Gretch didn't mention that the NY Times article cited Abdo's "Muslim faith." Groseclose said that the "media" was very quick to point out Breivik's Christianity but slow to point out that Abdo is a Muslim.

To Johnson's question of "why," Groseclose said that 93% of reporters voted for Obama. He didn't cite the source of this data. The chyron: "Fair Media Coverage, MSM Ignores Abdo's Religion in Reports." Without identifying the sources, Groseclose claimed he found similar headlines which cited Breivik's Christianity but not Abdo's Islam. After he said that there are more conservatives in liberal Cambridge, Gretch gave us this gem: "I guess you're supposed to be fair & balanced, when you come to work but maybe not." (ROFLMAO - Ya Think!) More headlines were shown in which Breivik was identified as "right wing" (he was) but no mention of Islam vis-Ă -vis Abdo in the LA Times headline. Of course, Gretch didn't show the whole article which cited Abdo's "Muslim faith." Gretch said the juxtaposition was "quite blatant."

Groseclose admitted that he didn't know Abdo's politics but was "willing bet that he didn't vote for George Bush." (While we don't know Abdo's motivation, Brievik's right wing motivation was clear in his "manifesto; but nobody mentioned that.) The chyron advanced the lie: "Ignoring the Facts, MSM Stays Silent on Abdo's Muslim Religion." When Johnson asked if Groseclose was saying that Democratic reporters were anti-Christian, Groselose said that he thinks it's not "in vogue to be sympathetic to Christianity." Gretch asserted it's all about political correctness and not that liberals are anti-Christian. Groseclose responded that he suspected that "the far left is sympathetic to Muslims" because a scholar at Claremont told him that the "left worship the god of equality and Muslims happen to be poor than Christians so the far left worshipping the god of equality will be more sympathetic to the poor people. There's something definitely about being more sympathetic to Muslims."

Comment: So whenever a Muslim commits a crime s/he should be identified as such regardless of the motivation which, in Abdo's case, isn't exactly clear? But we can't do that with Christians even if their motivation is deeply rooted in Christianity? And about that "god of equality" - isn't that the Christian god or were the nuns lying to me? Only in the bizarro world of Fox & Friends is the MSM expected to be deferential to Christians while showing the same kind of bias towards Muslims that Fox does! Media Matters has a whole list of other media sources that mention Abdo's Islam. Once again the Fox fiends are lying and that's not very Christian - or maybe, for Fox News, it is!

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